Virgo Moon

Solar Eclipse TOTAL ECLIPSE 1st Sep Virgo Moon 2nd Sep 2nd Sep An extremely potent Moon, Today the Moon connects to Jupiter/Mercury, so much is going on and everything is in the flux of change. A new moon always release’s a new seed of awareness, to broaden our skills, intuition, or help in some way. [...]

Happy New Year

Wishing Universal Peace, Love, Light, and Unity to be with us all. 2015 was a tough year and the Paris attacks on the 13 th November sowed seeds of darkness far and wide.  It was as if the death and destruction of that terrible night filled the universal subconscious with fears and illusions, empowering the […]

Staying Light

Lie fight to stay ‘light’ can be a huge battle some days and it is very easy to sprial into negativity. Interactions with some people bring light and happiness, some people are just so fun to be with and then there are the other type!  People whose ego’s are running around like rabid beast biting […]