August Eclipse 1999

Update on the Eclipse

The Eclipse:

August Update on the August Eclipse August the 11th may be bit of a struggle – four major planets are in fixed signs, emphasising 4 sections of the zodiac and the four elements. It’s almost as if we are being given the gift of insight to look at ways that we do things, even the way we think. There is a new perception coming through which will benefit all of mankind. One cycle is ending so that another can begin, so make the most of this – don’t try to push things though because that will prove difficult, just go with the flow.

This eclipse for me also represents the myth of Parsifal and the Holy Grail. Parsifal had a vision, but was not experienced enough to fully understand the importance of the question first time round, until he had reached sufficient maturity. But the importance here is “can we ask the right questions?” We are given this chance to utilize the energies that are manifesting in our lives now, which can be ours by right of birth.

Everything needs to be equal, perhaps bringing this need to look at all the elements in our life so as to reach and enhance a point of balance and harmony. Perhaps this period is an inner understanding that our world can change, with maturity. Maybe we need to see life more in the terms of symbol than emotion.

On a basic level we can start right now by making our own homes balanced and filled with love. If we can begin, we create a flow, where these touch are neighbors.