Lemuria Mountain Tops

Lemuria Mountain Tops is just a short article by Annie Besant. She was a member of the Theosophical society and wrote many books on occult subjects, below is an except from Mountain Tops of Lemuria which gives a small quote from an article of hers that was published in the Cosmos Magazine – November 1894 (Australian Publication)

Lemuria Mountain Tops - remnants of the lost land of Mu.  Annie Besant. Lemuria beginning of our race.
Excerpt from Mountain Tops of Lemuria – The Kanaka A Remnant by Harold Maclure

Lemuria or Mu as it was once known was said to be the motherland of all civillisation.

The destruction of Mu well before the destruction of Atlantis. They were a peaceful and loving beings who were ever connected to the Great Mother Earth and our Cosmic Mother.

As with all destruction comes new growth, from the loss of Lemuria the adepts of wisdom keepers then went on to Burma and then India.

Some legends say that the Lemurians moved into the hollow Earth realms when they knew destruction was coming.