Athena’s Library

Welcome to Athena’s Library.  In ancient times an Athenaion  was a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, a place of learning and wisdom.  Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom, was often seen with a shield and an owl on Her shoulder.  Wisdom is female in nature, hidden, mighty, full of magic. 

The knowing of things with the application of morality brings the ability to see far and wide. In the seeing is the power, the ability to take the higher ground gives the lighter part of self freedom to express his or herself.

Here we are listing some wonderful books.  Each book gives a gift, an insight, and an understanding. Such wonderful stories from some very old writers like Abraham Merritt and Joan Grant. 

Life is a blend of the mundane and the spiritual, light and dark, love and sorrow.  All of these things call us to keep moving, changing and hopefully evolving. 

Sometimes you can read a book and somehow it gives you a picture or an understanding of how life shapes us though painful events.  Once you understand sorrow turns to understanding and that moves you on to your next phase/lesson.

So there will be a curious mix which I hope you will enjoy reading.

Joan Grant – wrote her past lives as novels, a wonderful insight into the Egyptian culture.

Mountain Tops of Lemuria

Pyramid Prophesies – This is a brilliant book with insights into Atlantis,

The Illumined Ones – Two short stories of Grace Cook and her past lives with Silver Birch, gorgeous read.

The Secret of the Flying Saucers – great read.