<span class="dojodigital_toggle_title">Scorpio New Moon 18 November 11:00 42 mins</span>

scorpio moon 2017
chart for 18 November 2017 Moon

Big changes on the horizon, there was a turnaround last Moon beginning on the new and reinforcing the energy on the full Moon 4th Nov.

It was huge we all made changes, from relationships to family friends our work, attitude, old rules and regulations are becoming less important as we create another platform, to make things work more in tune with how we feel.

With this Scorpio new Moon it gives us the focus to digest our feelings and to resonate with these now.   Life is changing fast, time is escalating  we can each look back even as little as 6 months ago to note changes within and around us,  we are becoming more individualised, more conscious and more loving as we join hearts and minds for the good of all.  It’s all about focusing on ourselves, healing and loving and resonating with what we each have achieved so far, as we rely on ourselves , as we each know best.

The new Moon begins with powerful feelings that are deep rooted. Thoughts are being grounded and channelled in such a way that one can only prosper from our reality.  The results is we have clear crisp thought patterns that will ground us and give us the momentum we need to fulfil our selves with what we each need right now.

It’s all happening that’s for sure, changes that occurred last month may have caused some challenges and yet it’s so necessary to get away from the well versed way we live our lives. These are changing times, this is it!

This new Moon is potent as it’s so deep touching on our feeings, intuition, raising our consciousness and moving forward in a way unheard of before now.

The crescent Moon will give us time to pause, to take in, to get things into perspective, big change we need this time.

By the 24th November our energy is much more flexible and we are able to view life in a way that allows us to be more accepting.

The 26th November is cool and focused to view life and all our challenges, and circumstances, so this gives us time to look inwards as well as a constructive view of how this Moon influences us and how we are responding to this energy.

By the 29th November a Sagittarius Moon and energy is much more fluid while changes are happening all around us by the end of this year life will have revolutionised as so much is happening.

4th December The full Moon in Sagittarius the archer, a Gemini Moon opposes the Sun and Venus close by.  This energy is fast it connects with friendships, relationships money how we feel, aspiring for and a yearning to move forward just like the bow of Artemis she draws on her bow to release her arrow as it flies across the land to reach her target, so it is with us we wish to expand and Make sure all is well for those we care about as well.

This Gemini Moon is making us look at things in two different directions, what going on in our minds we need to be fair to ourselves to get all into perspective so be fair with our feelings our thoughts as it has a knock on effect with our loved ones.

Information is all over the place, a busy time to be sure, feels like big changes in the air so much happening now that it is easy to go with the flow, the least you can do here is be honest with yourself and all you wish to accomplish.

If you feel you need to make choices here please note there will be time to reconsider, Mercury is retrograde moves direct 23rd December and will again be in the same degree on the 10th Jan 2018 so don’t be hard on yourself. Make your choices should you feel this is good for you knowing there will come a time where you can adjust if necessary.

7th December  A Leo Moon make’s harmonious connections to the Sun, Venus and squares Jupiter so energy is flowing well,  lots of enthusiasm and passion here.  The only challenge; I would say is watch your energy so you don’t feel deflated by the end of the day otherwise positive in all that you do