Water Element

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

Water is the element of the mother’s protective instincts that understand how you’re feeling and comforts every need. This is the element that is in touch with feelings as well as those of other’s. Life can be fearful for these people because they understand just how and what others are feeling, they can feel the environment if something isn’t right they know it.

Water signs may not always be aware of their energy that flows into all that is around them, they may feel uncomfortable and wonder what the problem is, in not realising that they have picked up others emotions that is bringing them down.

Water is at its best when complimented by earth so that water is channeled in practical ways, and harnessed, and so feels comfortable. Water signs are instinctively self-protective, they appear calm on the out side and loving but inside a struggle may be evident

Those with water very much in there chart will realise that they have something special to live life with, the quality of feeling, dream world and psychic ability to drift off into another realm through feelings. Water will take its own course and will take itself where it wants to go because water will flow through past or blend with all that there is to find its destination.