2019 Year of Revelations

2019 Year of Revelations by Val Georgiou    

This is an ecliptic year with the focus on the Sun, Moon and Saturn. There are 11 Moon Saturn conjunctions in a row up until October 2019 and each one will be stronger, building up into a crescendo. This is global, authority will have to take in the climate of the people, no more pushing and shoving we the people want more, we want our lives back, the way nature intended!    This time relates to 1946-47-48, where we-the-people realised so much freedom especially women as the war changed and turned people’s lives around.

Now this is about reclaiming our power to realise who we are and what we stand for.  The conjunction of Pluto and Saturn comes together in January 2020 and by that time we will be completely different.    Saturn represents structure while Pluto creates upheavals. What we receive from this is the jewel that we have within.  Capricorn is also about the horn of plenty and will bring you everything one desires so long as you act on your convictions. Those born under the sign or have planets in Capricorn or a strong Saturn will find this year will create a major transformation. Each month creates more of what we want as well as releasing more of what we don’t want so refining as the months progress. 

Aries The Saturn in your 10th house of career is helping you to define exactly what is important. This is challenging as Aries like to move fast and doesn’t like any kind of restraint, yet you feel you need freedom as never before. With Mars and Uranus both in Aries there is help, guidance and support with the planets Venus and Jupiter enabling you to see more options to do just what is needed with foresight.  The Saturn energy is helping you to refine exactly what is important and how you can release those things that have usually been taken as the norm.
Taurus.  Saturn/Moon eclipse in the 9th house, although the eclipse is challenging for us all, in this placement it’s not so, still work to be done though.  Taurus being an earth sign works well with Capricorn ambitious and well-structured energy.  This is a time to refine spiritual energy to do something with it and bring awakening this is the task of the eclipse.  There’s much going on in the background for Taurus so be aware if it doesn’t feel right it may be in your best interest to illuminate certain endeavours.  The Saturn energy is helping you to refine exactly what is important.
Gemini. The eclipse is helping in refine and release the constant chatter within and bring the two sides of Gemini into unity. The eclipse is in your 8th house asking you to check out money and shared resources are they fair, is it equal? The Sun in Aquarius is giving you more freedom but you still need to be careful, are you happy with this area? So analysing in a far more structured way.  Jupiter and Venus both in the 7th house of partnerships is going to give you scope to see the bigger picture, as well as someone to share feelings with. That brings satisfactory answers and leave you feeling fully inspired, as well as stronger connections later in the year.
Cancer.  This eclipse is potent for Cancer, opposes Capricorn in the 7th house, so the main theme is relationships, strong feelings and releasing some outworn friendships. Now with new growth, we are seeking friends more in line with where we are right now. There seem to be challenges to do with work and career bringing disruptions to clear the way.   There’s the likelihood of someone in a high position may give some expertise or advice and be greatly received. The energy put into work and career will influence and broaden skills.
Leo. The energy of the eclipse is influencing your sixth house of work, continually refining this area so you have a formula that works, by constantly keeping an eye on how you are improving. Your 5thhouse with both Jupiter and Venus of romance and children are also strong, if life has been a bit iffy then this should assist in broadening your outlook and looking at everything differently. The energy of Uranus and Mars fills you with inspiration and seeing with new eyes will bring unusual ideas that will benefit in so many ways. It’s all linked.
Virgo.  With the eclipse in the 5th house together with Pluto causing disruptions within romance, calling you to take a good look of where you are right now as help is at hand.  Saturn and the Moon will strip away illusions questioning ‘am I happy?’ and ‘can I do something with it?’ the answer is yes definably. Jupiter is expansion and Venus loving harmony in the 4th house of home so possibly a change to bring more harmony.  Money seems to need attention as there some ups and downs. Uranus and Mars are there so this energy doesn’t flow easily, it may just be this energy that changes life around for you.
Libra. The eclipse is in the 4th house and is this area we need to put our attention with the Libra mind wanting balance. This is somewhat restricting we need to see just where we need to refine, release and bring forward harmony.  Venus your ruler in the 3rd house together with Jupiter will assist and guide you, while the goddess Athena in Libra will connect you to higher feelings and thoughts and opposes Uranus and Mars not so nice yet there is always help and these two major planets link well opening your mind to many new possibilities.
Scorpio. The sheer determination of Scorpio will work quite well with this eclipse in the 3rd house of friendship’s and small travel, some friendships are likely to change due to this cutting away of friends that are now outworn. There’s a disruption in your 6th house of work there to cause you to stress, however, the solution is also apparent. Jupiter and Venus will bring the solutions in ways that are natural and can create the space you need to bring in balance and harmony once again. Luck is definitely on your side.
Sagittarius. Jupiter and Venus both in your 1st house should bring expansion and the good things in life, while the Saturn/Moon eclipse occurring in your 2nd house, will further refine you into realising your potential, removing those energies that no longer benefit and get down to what is really important, to really serve, so the essence of “you” can shine through.  This is the house of accomplishment and with dedication will reap the rewards of self, once these eclipse’s that will be effective for the rest of the year. This may well create an awakening.
Capricorn.  The eclipse in your house is challenging, filled with responsibility, upheavals, and transformation with Pluto.  However, there is a purpose here to consciously raise your vibration and to grow spiritually like never before. It’s an idea to check your boundaries, it is possible you could be restricting yourself.  Uranus and Mars are both in your 4th house of home so if there are any disruptions now is the time to put this right with the help of both Jupiter and Venus both in the 12th house. Follow your intuition and hunches and you won’t go far wrong.
Aquarius. The eclipse in the 12th house is getting you more in touch with feelings. whatever energy that you feel may be limiting you these will come through as intuition, quiet times may be necessary time to mull over your thoughts.  This is releasing those hidden thoughts that you mill over to expose them to you.   The Sun and Mercury link well with Jupiter and Venus as well as Mars and Uranus in your 3rd house so although there is loads going on behind closed doors there are people there to support you. So it’s a sharing that enhances you on these levels both personally and with friends and co-workers.
Pisces. The eclipse is in the 11th house meaning friends and associates come together for a common cause and it feels demanding. Pluto squares Mars and feels it’s an effort to feel comfortable, some hard rules here may apply.  However, there are also some positive aspects supporting you which are Jupiter and Venus connection to Mars and Uranus the unpredictable planet yet they form a really nice alliance which will give you more room to manoeuvre to realise your potential and accomplishments.