Aquarius Moon 24 January 2020

time 21h 42m

Aquarius Moon 24 January 2020

All planets move direct until the 17th February when Mercury moves retrograde.

The Moon begins her journey in Aquarius the house of freedom on the 24th January with the Sun, Moon and Mercury all in Aquarius, while Saturn, Pluto Jupiter and Athena in Capricorn, Venus and Neptune in Pisces, Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Taurus.

This Moon is about moving forward unprecedented the only thing you need to know is you can do it! It gives you the chance to make a difference in life.  

It is time to think outside the box, to take a chance, to try your skills maybe on something new or something that’s been on your mind and now find the courage to give it a go. Take a chance be who you are and fulfil your ambitions.   

While Saturn and Pluto are still at it wanting us to let go of our outmoded thought patterns, a final release to move on while Jupiter is giving us breath of vision and expanding us to see just what we can do, so it’s fast forward and again looking at the past to clear the way for the new.  

It’s an idea to review the dark of the Moon too, that was Venus, Jupiter and Neptune all working in the background to assist in this Moon we are talking about expansion, compassion with idealistic thoughts so these energies too will influence this Moon.

24TH January New Moon in Aquarius begins with so many options, on the one hand we are branching out. It feels like we are thinking about the higher good of others, healers are making their mark whether we are working on our own, or within groups it a time to shine and know what we are each capable of.

A time to move forward to break the mould and give an idea a new expression a chance to manifest. Aquarius is about the highest good for all, and globally I feel this is going to make such a difference for all, as so much is being revealed, as well as within ourselves. While we still need to look at what we have created in terms of a new structure, to release those old outmoded ideas, to let go, and embrace the new.

So, within our structure and planning we still need to take a back-ward glance and further release anything that no longer serves so we can move forward now. As we move forward to the crescent Pisces Moon full of compassion coupled with Uranus creating easy changes almost in your lap.

By the 30th January and Aries Moon blends well with the Sun and Jupiter whatever we put our hand to can make a vast difference and can manifest our feeling to make things happen. The only drawback is to watch our energies as by the end of the day can leave you feeling tired.

The 2nd February and first quarter Moon gives us the opportunity to see how we have done so far. All is seen clearly there’s quite a bit of structure here, can be connected with finance or relationship’s also family so check it out we are being given support and a time to see all clearly with compassion almost idealistic thoughts while everything has the chance for a turn around should we choose so much can be accomplished today as we have intuition to guide us.

By the 4th February and Gemini Moon connects with the Sun and Neptune a fast moving day.  Lots of contacts may be linked to work there’s so much going on, its wise not to make any firm decisions today. 

The full and Leo Moon on the 9th February gives us exuberance and intensity also so we need to careful how we come across here. However, if you listen to your heart Mars is well aspected and can give direction (rather than just falling over yourself with your point of view,) and a time to say how you feel and yet we need to be careful how we do this. If we have followed through from the new Moon it’s possible to leave more of the past behind.

By the 13th February and Libra Moon this feels like harmony at its best where we get the balance right, sometimes this is hard to do, yet so much progress can be reached here. Its likely someone may reach out for advice or maybe you may seek it out whatever it is time to think things through and get all in the plans you have made to make a difference here,

The 15th February and Scorpio Moon and last quarter Moon makes so many good connections  it may well be connected to work where it may be important to contact someone in authority, should this be the case all should work our well and make the change easily feeling are so  good and it’s because you are so sure, so confident of how you feel and what can be a big turning point.

The 18th February and Capricorn Moon back to structure and plans we have made this can be really liberating as whatever you put your hand to flows easily. A strong Mars and Saturn all to our benefit.

by the 20th February and Capricorn Moon it’s a bit tight as we need to review the past and check out all is well again releasing whatever isn’t needed.

The 21st February and dark of the Moon, the Moon squares Uranus this is powerful so may changes, surprises, good ideas going on here while just before the new Moon it’s an idea to take note of inspirations and insight during this time.