Air signs: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

Air stands for the air which we breath, the first breath of life that brings us into existence and also refers to the mental and spiritual process which brings ideas and inspiration through thought form to manifest.

The sun in air stimulates intellectual activity that these people posses, they are born leaders and can command a great deal of respect. They use reason to create their reality, and through this are able to take a step back and see the way things are so that they can take a clear view on a situation.

They are sociable and get on well with people because they seem to understand the next person’s point of view because of their detachment. Air people create ideas which later create form and dreams to come true. Fire signs project their will to get what they want. Air signs use their mind.

Air people can sometimes over estimate there own skills, thinking they are correct without the need for other ideas or opinions to be tested. This attitude can cause an individual to become too occupied with grandiose ideas and can exaggerate all sorts of eccentric behaviour. This mental force is such a strong influences that they don’t take kindly to disagreements and can take this personally.

Air enjoys the fire element of enthusiasm and creative will power but need time to make his her own mind up by reasoning. Air signs don’t like earth and water as these are too compelling they like to feel free rather than be harnessed to home or emotional upsets.