A-Z of Crystals

Amethystlight violet to deep purpleprotection, increase intuition, helps to remember dreams.
Aquamarinelight bluea stone of joy and happiness. Protective stone of the traveler
Bloodstonedark green with flecks of red in ittakes away negativity and sadness
Carnelianorangea female stone, heals and balances the reproductive system
Citrineyellowhealer and balancer of personal power
Diamondclear, white, yellow, pink, blue, green, blackThe essence of stars, diamonds connect us to light and the higher realms
Emeraldlight to dark greenA stone of the heart this stone, helps to clear emotional blockages, heal and understand life changes
Garnetlight pink to deep redbalancer of energies
greenThis helps heals the eyes, also known as the vomit stone, this will draw out negativity and bitterness
Jasperleapordskinprotective stone, helping to make the best of self
picturehelps to give clear views of past and present opening self to creativity and spirituality
KyaniteBluestress buster – see the write up
KunziteGreen (Hiddenite)will heal pain from its originating point
pinkwill heal negative images of self, bringing peace
Lapis Lazulidark blue with gold fleckshelps to change negativity into positively
Moon Stonewhiteincreases intuition
Obsidianblackgrounds and centers
Onyxblackconnector with the cycle of life, protective.
greenhelps you to more forward
Opalblueopens communications
Peridotlight greenhelps to heal and balance
Quartzclearcome ikn all shapes and sizes this can be charged with any influene, if you cannot get hold of a particular
smokeybalances sexual energy
Rubyrose to deep redA stone of sexual passion and creation.
Sapphireblueconnects the wearer to the oneness of all, bringing joy and peace.
Tiger Eyegoldenclears negativity and deflects negativity
blue known as Hawks Eye
Topazbluehelps clarity of thought and communication
yellow – goldremoves artistic blocks allowing creativity through
whitehelps to manifest material wants
TourmalineBlack (Shorl)protective, deflects negativity from the wearer
Greenhelps with emotional change, bringing balance
Rubellitecleanses and helps deal with sexual energies
Watermelonaids transitions.
Turquoisesky blueheals, connects self to higher self.

According to Grace Cooke in ‘The Illumined Ones’ (page 49) these are the Mayan list of birthstones:

  • Sun   – Gold and Rubies
  • Moon – Silver
  • Jupiter – deep blue Sapphire
  • Venus – Turquoise
  • Saturn – Emerald
  • Mars – Amethyst
  • Mercury – Orange fire stone