PISCES NEW MOON Spiritual Moon Guide 20 FEB 2023 TIME 07h 06m

Pisces New Moon 20TH Feb 2023 Time 07h 06m

Direct Planets – All Planets are direct.

A Pisces new Moon links to Saturn in Aquarius, note with Saturn conjunct this new Moon, heightens are awareness by stabilising our emotions and raises our consciousness, therefore dreams imagination can become far more positive and easily manifest.  Neptune and Venus are both in Pisces, assisting us in our sensitivity and psychic abilities, and creativity.  Pluto is now at the end of Capricorn.   Jupiter connects with Chiron to heal our wounds, Uranus close to the north node as we all make plans for the future, Pluto connects well with Venus, so perhaps some sort of agreements if there has been any challenges, can be made, Venus connects to the north node, and is where we are heading in life.


Life is now opening up big time; I feel we are all mostly aware of this now, “we have an idea and wow it’s presented to us”, so we can now manifest our desires more easily.  There is more as we enter the new Earth the beginning of this the 23rd March when Pluto enters Aquarius – until the 12th June when she’s back in Capricorn for the remainder of the year. So this energy is all in preparation for whats coming, its a good to assimilate, get rid of any weeds that still remain and really digest so we can once and for all leave the past behind.


Last month was so fast and so much for us to handle now this Pisces Moon is vast outside are usual perimeters, and enables expansion and growth, on an inner level these energies will raise our vibrations our consciousness this is where we assimilate everything now and last month it’s been continual, but Pisces knows no boundaries, the imagination together with a bit of direction can take us far. 

The new Moon conjuncts Saturn and begins with a serious note, by the 21st February at 5 am we may wake to find something unexpected that turns events around to our benefit, by the evening at 17h 52m there are feeling of an idealistic nature, this is the energy of Neptune, can be confusing yet with Saturn in the picture I don’t feel this is the case. by 22h 22m maybe there’s something we may not fully understand so could be challenging.

The 22nd February energies are high and able to say what we feel over something deep, perhaps something that has been bothering us and clears the way.

22nd February The Moon enters Aries at 05h 14m. and gives us enthusiasm and direction by the evening we are busy chatting and on recent happening’s lots of news popping up everywhere, all is well at 9h:24m we have good relations with loads of direction by the evening we are feeling so good this is Moon/ Jupiter connection don’t forget these are mostly the energies of the Moon so they are fleeting. 

Moving on to the 25th February midday we have something unexpected happening so try not to count on plans, the 26th February the Moon enters Gemini, Moon/Neptune is not a good time to make decisions, but spot on for meditations walks etc.


The first quarter and Gemini Moon so we can see clearly just what is taking place, almost like a preview of what is, and what is to come, loads of direction here as Mars is also in Gemini so loads to be revealed during this Pisces Moon lots and will help us to see clearly.

By the 1st of March we had the Saturn/Moon connection, at the new Moon but was still in seed, now Saturn gives us more vision to see what is realistic for us so he’s widen our scope gives us emotional structure clearing our minds so brings comfort.

The Moon enters Cancer on the 2nd March connects well with the Sun and links to all the planets apart from Neptune and Pluto, although mostly in the early hours so dreams may well be very relevant, at 05 36 we have Moon/Jupiter conjunct, should wake on a happy note, by 10 am all that we undertake should just flow for an hour or so, then by 14h 34m we have a serious thoughts communicating with authorities. Mercury enters Pisces at 22h 52m.

3rd March we may have strong emotions and this is down to Pluto, there’s no half measures with her, the Moon is also in Leo so full throttle, simply a good idea to watch our energies. 

8 March The full Moon Sun in Pisces Moon in Virgo. Connects to Mars, Uranus and Pluto, Saturn also enters Pisces, and give structure to our thoughts and dreams if we have been trying hard to make something happen, watch them now all those un-manifested dreams can take us all far now The expansive energy of Pisces the dreamer the poet the writer and clarity of Virgo will take us all where we want to go.  We are all searching to change our lives, last Moon I feel created options, now we can utilise these, obviously we have to work to manifest this yet whatever we undertake   should flow easily with no hindrances even though some of this may be complex or need our attention, so this full Moon is the result of all we have been working towards.

The 9th the Moons in Libra gives plenty of space for enthusiasm, we may find we are wobbly since this is the scales, in the evening we are feelings may run deep, nothing heavy simply introspective, noting our feelings. The Moon enters Scorpio at 00 06, a happy day all connections with loved ones are fine and happy while in the evening  is more exciting  interesting conversation with other we  don’t usually connect with so it’s almost A meet by chance or hear of something, but communications very interesting and unusual and out of the ordinary.

The Moon enters Sagittarius on the on the 13th March at 17 hours then on the 15th March This can be a lovely/or not; a connection of Sun and Neptune, and will last for about 3 days. the 15th however there is two sides to this the first being is our sensitivity and awareness is so stimulated that we feel we need to reach out since we feel what others do, and on the other we may feel so worn out that we really need to replenish ourselves first. 

By the 16th March we are chatting about what has come to the surface, both personal and global.


The 19th March and dark of the Moon we would do well to meditate or have some quiet times as the next Moon is in Aires, is where everything gets turned basically on its head, the Sun and Moon both in Pisces.