30 May 2022 Gemini Spiritual Moon Reading

30th May Gemini Time 11 30 am

Direct Planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn until the 5th June
Retrograde: Pluto turns retrograde 2nd June, Saturn 5 June, Neptune direct turns retrograde 28th June

Over view

Everything is buzzing a new Earth is evident, the new Moon in Gemini is fast connects so well with Saturn in Aquarius creating a structure within ourselves helping and guiding us to new awareness, to receive intuitively what the universe is guiding us to now, to rely upon ourselves money not being an issue but plenty for all, additionally lots of diversity, new technologies that have been around for ages but very likely to be released now to the public. it’s not all going to come at once, yet steadily though the months ahead, that will serve us all so well lots of newness vitality we move forward now as oneness into the promised new age. Aries strong so expect lots of energy to move forward.

Venus connects with the north node ensuring equality for all, it may be somewhat confusing as all this take’s place yet it’s here, almost unbelievable, there’s no turning back simply the future where sharing and becoming one with all that is, to open our energies, our perception to new heights, and spiritual growth, also watch out for miracles health healing, send out your personal intent, ask the universal energies God/dess what we each feel we need, there’s so much and once we take that leap forward it will simply carry on, guiding us all at our own pace.

30th May New Moon – This new Moon is fast and full of diversity, note how you feel, take it in, feel it, own it, beware of all that is we feel we need now, as its very likely it will be granted. Mars and Jupiter are both in Aries creating far more direction, enthusiasm and energy not only to see things through but to enhance our ability too. A life and mind, full of love and expansion like never before, to think outside the box now that we know so much more. To feel our God-self within communicating gives one the opportunity to connect spiritually and grow like never before, a strong sense of freedom is in the air.

1st June Moon enters the mother sign of Cancer giving a protective shield to gently move forward in-tune with our feelings. By 1h 30m energies are really strong giving us the opportunity to move forward or get a lot done in minimum of time, while by 5h 30m we may feel like there’s some sort of conflict perhaps there something that need doing and yet energies already spent.

The 3rd June and Cresent moon `communications are strong, feelings are so tuned into your intuition is great yet in the afternoon 3ish there feels like some sort of hump, though theses energies are only fleeting we can tune in and do the best we can with what Pluto is trying to convey.

The 5th June feels like a day of self-reflection so it’s perhaps it’s good to go inwards and reflect.

By the 6th June everything is crystal clear we can almost feel all the piece’s coming together.

The 9th June provides insight and expansion and a strong drive to move forward so much can be achieved today.

10th June Mercury make a strong connection with Pluto so lots of information now coming to the surface that has been hidden. Here it is coming out now a bit at a time yet so informative.

11th June it’s the feeling of what does all this mean for me, big surprises see where does it take us, perhaps to see what, if anything needs to be transformed, what does this show you? Are there any insights?

Mercury enters Gemini on the 13th June

14th June Full Moon Sun in Gemini Moon in Sagittarius – A powerful yet serious tone to this full Moon with some undercurrents of uncertainty. We are feeling the drive of the new Moon although there is still lots being revealed, almost as if the equation doesn’t fit. With the energy of Saturn linking with Neptune something has to give, also much more still coming to the surface, and once this is disclosed and acknowledge all will be well. With this full Moon we have the vision to see outside the box and today brings expansion of vision while the fine tuning of Gemini brings all the pieces together.
So much can be accomplished today especially with the Sagittarius Moon intuition and Jupiter expansive way of seeing so much more, so we are well and truly protected, search your own life and see how this fits in.

The 16th June clears all this and where there was uncertainty or confusion now should be clarity

18th June is a day to focus within especially 2h 30m then by the evening I feel we will be evaluating ourselves, is this right for me? Do I want this, this is Venus and Saturn forming a square aspect that makes us question ourselves or others.

By the 20th June Mercury aspects Jupiter well so we could find ourselves chatting to those that can offer a helping hand someone perhaps of a professional nature or of course we may find ourselves supporting someone, its positive and feels so good releases uncertainty and brings clarity.

23rd June our feeling for most of us are sound, we can count on how we feel and we seem to have a strong platform today, our minds and feelings are nicely balanced creating harmony.

The 26th June and Crescent Moon/ Venus nicely linked while Jupiter gives us expansion we can see feel so much more thinking differently creating a life we want for ourselves away from what we usually do, should we go with opportunities that present themselves.

The dark of the Moon, Mercury/Moon conjunct, so this is going to be full of communication. Note your dreams and what are they saying, note how you feel are we being prompted in some way, we are so able to link with more than is around us. This is our time to see more than what is outside.