Taurus Spiritual Moon Reading 30th April 2022

Time 20h 28m

New Moon 30 April 2022

Direct Planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

Retrograde: Pluto, Mercury goes retrograde on the 10th May.

This Moon begins with a shake up by the next day its well and truly on its way, complete changes to life style due to these unexpected happenings, these are dynamic, fortunate and is going to knock your soaks off. It’s the collapse of what we have been used to all our lives, strong connections with Jupiter and Venus telling us this is huge, vibrant and could possibly mean changes in finances banking systems, which ever way we look at this its feels like the Tower in the tarot cards.

Very strong connections to the north node to Saturn, Neptune, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto, this all connects to we-the-people and sharing big time no one is left out, Saturn will ensure all is well and that foundations are strong.

30th April we begin with the new Moon in Taurus ruled by Venus and yes indeed we are fortunate, and very close to Uranus so we can feel sure that the day will hold surprises one way or another Venus and Jupiter both closely connected in Pisces and the surprise maybe in financial matters.

by the 1st May the Moon links to Uranus so again THE UNEXPECTED! We need to take a step back and see whats happening and be comfortable about it yet all feels good to me yes, a shake up and positive.

By the 2nd May we have so much has taken place almost the uplifting of spirit, a feel-good factor that encourages enthusiasm. Massive upheavals of a positive kind, its energy of expansion, growth and helping us in all sorts of ways, there may well be some ups and down as we experience this energy for 4/5 days so well worth noting.

By the 8th May we have an extremely positive phase that will last for about 3 days these are positive changes designed to open our minds and heart, a possibility of the great awakening it’s all possible this Moon.

By the 9th May we home into ourselves this is a very grounding energy so be patient and try not to push forward if you’re feeling not quite up to it.

10th May the Moon in Virgo gives us such a great service in helping us to see and feel clearly.

15th May we can’t believe our luck, where does it come from? This is amazing moving into new Earth and what she has to offer there for us all.

16th  May Full Moon and Sun in Sagittarius Moon, strong connections with Saturn the culmination of the new Moon, we have so much to understand now Jupiter is heralding breath of vision that helps us and guides us to new untold possibilities. Mercury very evident and giving so much, the communications and diversions we are experiencing are all reaching the wonder of it all and the life changes that are now ours actually manifesting in our lives. Dreams coming; though as never before.

19th May, another transformation by Pluto it’s an easy transit but nothing is really easy with Pluto as we are adapting and feeling this new energy, what is within and now being put to good use. 

The Sun enters Gemini on the 21st May and links with Mercury again chatting spreading the good news.

22nd May and last quarter Moon gives us insight into the Moon, a bit of a serious time as we review yet there’s still joy. 

The 23rd May a beautiful day to expand and reach out almost if we have been hoping to move forward, well you have all the help and support with Jupiter and the Sun so its a wow! Happiness also makes one feel very positive. Mars enters Aries on the 23rd  so note your energy perhaps we feel life being more dynamic ready to have a go at something we may have been stalling, but give yourself a chance use the wisdom we have been given as Mars can be impulsive.

27th May and Cresent Moon, an eclipse of Venus and the Moon and is very fortunate, so note money, our relationships, new relationships starting this time.  All feel pretty positive coupled with positive changes due to the upheavals we have experienced so far.  This transit will last for about 3 months with more coming our way but this Moon it’s a wow.

Dark of the Moon conjunct Uranus

This dark of the moon is full of inspiration and light causing changes within the self. Take note how you feel, intuition and dreams. We have the chance to move forward to enlightenment, watch out for insight so tantalizing,

Use this time well and it will serve us all.