Taurus Moon Chart 2022

Aries Moon 1st April 2022  Time 06h 24m

Direct planets

Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

Pluto goes retrograde on the 30th April

This Aries Moon is about pushing forward for we the people a way in which we all have a piece of the pie fairness for all, voices being heard all over the globe for equality all  this is the main focus this month, Pluto joins forces with the north node, really tracking how so unjust the system of finance is and ensuring all is fair

Taurus Moon Chart 2022

This Aries Moon is linked closely with Mercury and Chiron, so lots of news coming out to do with we the people, Chiron says we are suffering while Mercury is making this loud and clear and it feels revolutionary.

This is the Moon where things speed up and change. Its not going to be easy as all leaves its ripples, so a challenging time yet there are compensations in the form of new technology coming forward while this has been kept secret for so long, it’s all happening now. 

2nd April forecast squabbling and feels like it’s all over the place. The tower falls and a clearing  

The 5th April and will only last for a few hours yet its compelling this is Mars wanting to move forward, so this is us wanting the changes that are more in line with justice. Yet authority are holding on to the old, however we are so strong now that nothing can stop us. 

The 11th April Jupiter/Venus is forecast for loads of information coming through I feel this is global. These are secrets being revealed it is not nice but hold on to your hats the truth has to finally come out and I think this is just the beginning, but wow its going to be an absolute shocker.  The other side to this is this energy is so helpful with Intuition and perception really opening our minds to the beyond and more, so with this we are wide awake and right on it

16th April Full Libra Moon Sun in Aries this is justice at her best and nothing will be hidden, the Moon connects to Mars and Saturn wanting to push forward leaving us somewhat frustrated as there is a waiting time not long now as we are waiting on authority figures to just let go. However  Pluto is involved she’s getting to the heart and center, checking everything, it’s not easy yet again only by scrutinizing will we get to the bottom of this and justice. She makes a clean sweep of it leaving nothing to chance. and Pluto the node again linking to Jupiter and Neptune, the strongest points this Moon (Nodes) are we the people plus Jupiter and Neptune all coming to the fore no stopping us, as well as great insight so this full Moon leaves us with a clearing away of the rubbish and the release of old to the new.

20th April the Sun enters Taurus the house of love and comfort, as we come to terms with everything,

21st April is a relatively calm day all flows lots direction and energy to accompany us a time where we can adjust to the news that has come in this month.


23rd April This last quarter Moon energies are really strong at 03:53 its mostly sleep time but be aware of these feelings as they may come up in our dreams.  Pluto also raises old feelings and resentment, by the time we wake its gone so it may come in a dream. However very good for any kind of research as able to bring all the pieces together and to act and make things happen for ourselves. So although we may have to go through this it’s worth it in the end.

By the 25th April and Pisces Moon we are coming to terms with all the happening’s with this Moon’s really big breakthrough although challenging so perhaps thinking deeply a close to an old era.  

28th April and dark of the Moon a time of deep thought and big changes within ourselves.