Pisces Spiritual Moon Reading 2022

Pisces 2nd March 2022 Time 17 35

Direct planets All planets are direct till the end of April

New Moon in Pisces a highly sensitive and spiritual sign and the last sign of the zodiac where all the pieces come together. All planets are direct, the significance of this is that it removes all hindrances so that once we focus on what we want so long as we have done the inner or outer work should flow our way no problem. The planets are all congregating in 4 signs, lots of conjunctions, new beginnings, new awareness, as well as a strong link to Uranus in Taurus, and Capricorn. Planets Venus, Mars and Pluto connect to the north node feels like a big movement done with love and effects of we-the-people. Its all happening, but what is it? We are joining hearts and souls, and stimulating the movement for what is right and looks like we are on the winning side all feels so good.

2nd March 2022 With the new Moon in Pisces influences our perception so easy to go with our feelings and be spot on, so let it flow as we take advantage of this new moon. Today begins with a lot of excitement, coupled with opportunity to get where we each feel we need to go, and feels so promising, it’s an opportunity to do what we feel we need, yet may have been on the back shelf for some times, now’s the time to consider bring it forward and give it another go.

As well as this we have a sense for freedom that’s in the air and a great deal of structure here too. I feel has already been created and resilience to make this happen. There’s a possibility to communications with a teacher or someone we may look up to, or we may play this part ourselves.

  As we begin this journey and Venus Mars and Pluto in Capricorn and connect with the north node and we the-people, creating a type of peaceful revolution.  A kind of turn around everything is in motion now, as we the collective shine our light to make this happen, its very likely that there’s going to be some sort of disclosure, the truth is out there and coming home to be released and well it’s going to be challenging for those that aren’t aware yet if feel so much of the population now is much more aware of life and the darkness that is hidden from us.   Now is the time for it all to be exposed as indeed its all happening now so a major change for all of us and lead us to further growth and far more potential as well the release the old path and now venturing into new Earth where we all will have equality so a massive new Moon all happening in the sign of Pisces it’s a wow!   

13th March connecting Pisces Sun and Neptune a massive energy that will last of about 3 days. It does have two sides though; we are becoming far more sensitive and aware under these transits we want to help each other too reach out to do what we can often picking up others feelings as our own, try to keep focused on the self – this is an opportunity of a life time. For those perhaps not linked in may also become more interested in the spiritual side of life to understand the deeper aspects of life, universal energies how they relate to us all. Or we may become kind of lethargic not wanting to face life, drugs, drinking so be aware if you feel despondent or lonely, listen to music take a walk-in nature, ground yourself try to go within in and free the self as you become more aware of just who you are.

18th March and full Moon in Virgo, and connects to our friend Pluto in a good way yet She is so strong its beyond belief. This full Moon offers us all the chance to transform our energies to raise our awareness, we are offered this transformation on a plate, we need to have worked towards it, meditations, quiet times, the releasing or the old as we move into the new exciting times and a chance to grow to be who we are, to activate the God/dess within. Now is our time and every opportunity to grow and expand our awareness, in preparation for the Spring Equinox 20th March time 15:38 when day and night are equal noted as the first day of spring and renewal of life and Mother Earth, fits in totally with whats going on now.

By the 21st March planets are Mercury and Jupiter there’s going to be so much to talk about weather there’s some sort of announcement by news coming though fast and furious only amazing nothing can stop this. It is growth again expansion and opportunities galore.

23rd March Mercury/Neptune this transit is fleeting and will be effective for just about an hour never-the-less its an influence and certainly worth noting it actually happens 17:44 GMT good for meditation or taking in a quiet moment. I feel about what has already taken place heightened our perception, very easy to go within, imagination is real and so easy, we just need to be careful of what is real and what isn’t.

26th Dark of the Moon in planets aspected are Moon Mercury Neptune

All coming together its worth taking these planets into awareness and allow these energies the privilege of giving support and noting dreams and aspiration. We are literally finishing this moon with heightened awareness and being given the chance to absorb and enjoy these energies now, a wonderful journey unfolding now.