Aquarius New Moon 1 February 2022

Direct planets – Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

Retrograde – Mercury goes direct on the 4th February.  Then planets all direct until the end of April.

This new Moon is very likely about a departure from an outdated system: the platform we work with, rules and regulations.  This is about a new start in so many areas in life, so many conjunctions new Moon and Saturn, Mercury Pluto, Venus Mars, Jupiter is good as well as Chiron playing his debut caring about the underprivileged while Uranus is busy making changes now with the aid of Venus and Mars so it’s all happening now no time to waste! Everything we rely on now is moving into something new.  It’s going to be challenging as ripples always need a little time, yet well overdue.

1st February The new moon begins creating a structure that will serve us all, the sign of humanity at its best, lots of different movements that are helping us all to see the writing on the wall.  There’s nowhere to hide all is playing out as it should and the truth is being revealed, this is the crux of it. So much going on in the back ground too as it all falls together and raises our awareness. 

The 2nd February is helpful feeling we have the energy. Excitement in the air. 

The 3rd February and Cresent and Pisces Moon again energies are there to uplift us. Lots of diversions, lots to chat and relate to.

The 5th February is again helpful yet all is withing a different structure almost a different environment  so all is good yet we are presented with alternatives in life style and so may be challenging but all this is helping to make our world better for all.

The 8th February gives us insight and a chance to value what is taking place this is quite major we will know so much more. Some won’t believe all these different happenings yet today should help a lot as far as clarity and understanding so, be positive it meant to be this way.  

11th February news coming out fast and furious its dynamic this is news big time the planets are Pluto and Mercury both in Capricorn So it likely to do with structure may be something to  do with the way we work or something official being given to us.

The 12th February this may have connections with finance and the movement is fast with lots of energy here feelings are strong there’s also a feeling of thank you God. The energy although its all so intense in and in the same area there lots of help here that makes one grateful for all one has survived so its all good its just that we are in a massive changeover we are so much more conscious so it’s going to be okay

16th February and full Moon Aquarius Sun and Leo Moon this is about modernising our structure and creating a new King a new throne, the old king must die so a new awareness can begin.  

The 18th February is very pleasant considering all, Jupiter is at his best so is Uranus the planet of change helps and guides us with so opportunity to expand our consciousness, our way of seeing things, thinking outside the box with opportunity for all.