Jupiter’s Gifts for Ascension

This next 4 months the planet Jupiter will be in Pisces up until the 10th May 2022, then 28th October – 20th December 2022 (due to retrograde). This is about absorbing spiritual energy, so much light coming in now, check out the Sun, so bright almost white at times.


We have an untold opportunity to realise the wealth of information we can tap into. This raises our vibration and so our consciousness.  Jupiter in Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and so relates to all information accumulated over the past 11 years. Now all the threads are now coming together and now we see the tapestry we have so diligently woven. So we all know where we stand.  we have the wisdom so therefore see clearly.

This is awareness like never before so positive try to find some quiet times to tap into this. – Val