Capricorn Moon 2 January 2022

Capricorn New Moon 2022

Direct planets:

Mercury Mars Jupiter Saturn Neptune Pluto

Venus Uranus, Mercury goes retrograde 14th Jan

A positive start to the year so many planets in alignment all congregating to feel a huge amount of energy. Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto all in Capricorn, creating a much more lucrative Moon all within a positive structure while Mercury and Saturn both in Aquarius making some significant changes within our attitude – feels good! We now have this power within our grasp not tomorrow but now!

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This year gives us opportunities untold. Whatever we set our minds to can manifest. The only thing is take care with clarity and choices, however the planets seem to pour down this energy to give precision, clarity also patience in all that we do. 

By the 14 January if you have been working and this hasn’t come to some sort of fruition, then it’s likely you may have to retract your steps to then move forward on the 4th February, everything has its purpose so go with the flow. 

I still feel there’s big changes with money, how we make it perhaps more opportunities to check out our option’s but all looks pretty positive.

A time to make life happen for us changes are very evident. The energy is much stronger so therefore make us stronger in terms of consciousness and vibrations.

Both Jupiter and Neptune both in Pisces are helping in expanding our awareness and for us to feel and live life the way we wish.