Virgo Sun Reading 2021

Virgo sun 22nd August 21 time 21h 35m

Direct planets Mercury Venus Mars
Retrograde Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

This Sun reading begins on a full Moon meaning all has already culminated as it has and we can see clearly.
The Sun opposes the Moon/Jupiter, indicates that something big is about to come to light.
Mars oppose Neptune/Athena Mars not at his best here, clearing the camouflage insight
Venus opposes Chiron caring for the under privileged
Pluto aspects Athena Neptune. Strategy and clearing

Saturn aspects well to Venus and north node while Uranus links to Mercury well. This is the scenario we find now unfortunately and is global news. This is in reference to the Afghanistan politics, I’m not a political astrologer so I will leave it there.

22nd August the full Moon accompanies us as the Sun enters Virgo a sign of clarity and hindsight. With the full Moon there’s always loads of activity and manifestation, and this is sensational of whats been taking place over the last two week so a busy start as the Sun enters Virgo at 21:35.

In our personal lives the truth is being revealed on every level, we need to see clearly every aspect of our lives, as life is changing big time, Pluto is very likely to bring up everything that is hidden. In a way it’s a good thing as we are being prepared for a new way of living that is about to hit the fan, changes usually cause some sort of unsettlement but it’s worth it, and strips everything so all is crystal clear.

By the 23rd August life is more harmonious and steadier where we kind of get a handle on things so it’s a good time to seek advice should you need it, or you may need to assist another in this way

By the25th August there a lot of stuff being exposed lies untruth and it’s not nice but if you can keep walking your path with love, light and trust, trust that all will be well there’s nothing to be concerned about. The

28th August brings the unexpected so try not to formulise your day as we need options here.

Mercury enters Libra on the 30th August and communication is the key to get your words out just right.

By the 2nd September there’s a great stride to move forward yet our efforts won’t get us anywhere today as the energy around our deliberating and its likely you won’t get far and simply waste your energy.

7th September and new Moon in Virgo so there’s some amazing things happening here lots of action for change for the better but still Neptune very active and in opposition to the new moon so here we continue with untruths. Truth is ringing out everywhere there’s likely to be push and shove blaming someone else, its and idea to own are own stuff.

It’s followed on the 14th September with opposing Neptune so Neptune very evident in this reading and the following month lots going to hit the fan, so be prepared.

By the 15th September Mars enters Libra followed on the 17th September with big changes almost a resurrection of so much that we hold dear is being exposed.

The 20th September there so much communication going on in high places, I think it’s global.