Scorpio Sun Reading 2021

Direct Planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto
Retrograde: Uranus, Neptune

The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd October and from here on it’s a whole new ball game! There’s absolute direction and no stopping progress. If you have been pondering about something or just can’t get something off the ground then this is an opportunity to move forward.

There is an abrupt change, it won’t be until the 13th November that we will know why. Everything is all over the place, globally news is in the back ground, powerful yet its kept secret so who knows what will be revealed this month.

The 28th November gives reason for hope and may include a shopping spree and gives us a feel-good factor.

By the 30th October Mars enters Scorpio supporting more direct and determination to see things through, there’s a point in seeing events both personally and globally.

The 31st October gives so much room for optimism that life is at last moving in a direction that is good for us all.

If we have connections with the legal system this can prove beneficial and reach conclusions after all the false starts of the previous so hang on their life is getting good.

1st November communications flow easily and you may find yourself in a place of giving advice, or you may indeed seek this yourself.

The 2nd November there may be a difference of opinion so try not to get to wrapped in this, it’s okay to be different we are unique, this will only last for about an hour or so yet can leave its mark.

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4th November and new Moon feels like a big shake up nothing will go to plan today. It’s like a truth is touching our hearts, perhaps news hitting the screens, where ever you look this just needs to come out in the open, these are untruths that are going to hit the headlines and is already seeping out, so be brave this is actually a way to move forward and to all know as the rubbish is being swept away in order for the truth to be told.

Venus enters Capricorn, and Mercury on the 5th November, if we have been hoping to make something a reality then this time can bring benefits of making a dream or project a reality.

The 10th November emphasizing quarrels this feel like it’s important and we need to get to the bottom of this, although this can be done it is just not nice. However everything is in our corner so don’t give up just yet, maybe one to ‘agree to disagree’.

The 12th November is also a most idyllic day and because of this holds opportunity to grow expand and move forward almost taking away any misgiving you previously had.

13th November looks like there’s someone blocking our way don’t even go there its just fleeting, if feels this has been nagging at the back of your minds and now, we know. this may have begun on the connection to the new Moon and all the disturbance that bought about.

The 15th November If anyone is concerned about recent events then today should give you a good glimpse of whats going on its powerful and to the point.

The 17th November is confrontational again connected to the 4th and new Moon.

18th November brings resolve to anything that has caused worry while the 19th November brings excitement and out of the usual. A day things just slots into place especially related to relationships and money.

So a month of ups and down yet we are simply moving into an new era where we simply need to adjust and all will be well.