Scorpio Moon 2021

Scorpio New Moon 4th Nov 2021 Time 21 14

Direct planets Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Pluto
Retrograde Neptune Uranus, Neptune direct 2nd Dec

The New Moon connects to drastic changes, everything is totally unpredictable. It’s an abrupt alteration, so a day to be flexible as plans can so easily amount to nothing. These changes, I feel are global how we make our money, careers, food prices and perhaps scarcity of some products.

Money also connects to our identity and how we make a living, so it all feels tied up to this yet so much here that is challenging, yet we will overcome and be much better off because of this. On another level this may be in connection to the internet: machinery, cars, accidents so take care.

What this will do for us is create a new reality away from restrictions and programming it’s going to be hard as it calls for being adaptable and perhaps seeing life from a higher perspective. So the beginning of the month is going to be a real testing time, the best you can do is go with the flow, keep your faith as all will be well.

By the 9th November and crescent Moon, we will begin to see so much more and realise that changes were indeed necessary, we will then know global information that’s been hidden for so long, not sure if everyone will believe this but it’s all coming out sure and fast. Perhaps we will begin to realise our foundation, our roots and all that we depend on is nothing but illusion.

Yet here we are in the newness of everything, realising that indeed all can be quite positive, still more information showing up all over the place.

The 11th November, Aquarius 1st quarter Moon that is helping us to become more adaptable and hopeful for the future as this creates all the means necessary for changes in life style, but more to the point the raising of our consciousness, transformation, revolution in our times gives us a glimpse of all that has been taking place, and all that is indeed possible. We can see clearly.

By the 14th November and Pisces Moon we are digesting, its coming home to a reality and yet we are in the flux of diversity.

18th November Full Taurus Moon this energy is really powerful possibly new technology coming though. Lots of promise for the future there’s hope in the air, money, finances seem to be strong point here. So perhaps we are thinking of different ways to make a living, options to what to do and what is available in these new vibrations still a powerful testing time yet the planets are favorable.

A huge change in consciousness that bring about so many changes for us all in accordance to our vibrations and frequencies. On a more personal level this energy changes so much we may need to re-think what we want now so much change that it alters our perception.

24th November and Cancer Moon lots going on and lots of speculation. Communication is staggering, a getting together of personal views helping one another as there is so much to talk about now that our vibrations are so strong.
26th November and Leo Moon and second quarter moon we are trying to get over the hiccups here and certainly a lot of contemplation but again all will be well.

The 29th November Libra moon all energies are in harmony. Communications are high, getting the balance creates harmony and justice for all. The crescent Moon in Scorpio this is alterations to our life style and we need to come to terms with this although as we shall see it’s so much better than the life we were used to.

The 3rd December and dark of the Moon connects to “Mars Jupiter Pluto” a great step forward no holding back! So much enthusiasm for the future as we adapt here more fully to our new Earth.