Sagittarius Sun Reading 2021

Sun Enters Sagittarius 22 November 2021

Direct Planets: Mercury, Venus Jupiter Saturn Pluto
Retrograde: Uranus, Neptune, Neptune moves direct 2nd Dec.
Mars opposes Uranus, Sun Mercury opposes the North node

The biggest pointer this month is the connection of the Sun/Mercury opposing the north node.  Neptune is also quite strong releasing illusions.

The sign of Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter all about expansion, lawyer’s, medicine. As the Sun enters Sagittarius, he connects to the north node this is to do with karma, also creates the need for equality for we-the-people, love, sharing.  Each watching out for the other as well as the self, almost payback time and brings hope. It’s likely to create diversions in the way we think and in the natural order of things at least on how we each see life as individuals.

So much to absorb, all is breaking down nothing will be left unchanged.  We should each know where options can help to see life from a wider perspective this is necessary now as it will help maintain our equilibrium.

There’s a fight going on for sure, breaking down so much that we take for granted, as well as this there are some hallelujahs! Money should become much more abundant and vibrant and giving us more choice as it liberates us so it’s this big change that causes havoc yet it is just this that will create freedom.

22nd November lots of information coming our way, its going to boggle our minds, and make us think of the past, we could have done or not of lots of information. It going to touch on our very structure, how we live and what we expect from life so take it in, use perception of what feels good for you.

23rd November – a day of surprises good ones I might add but still don’t make plans as nothing can be depended upon.  

24th November Mercury enters Sagittarius  highlighting communication on a big scale and brings hope. This seems to be a month of removing illusions and realising the truth of what is.

6th December  we are getting to the heart of whatever is playing on our minds.

7th December highlights news coming out of the shadows.

8th December  seems to be full charge ahead, almost as if we are being given a new battery – a new least on life. Communications are highlighted trying to get to the bottom of something which isn’t clear so we may feel we need a bit of persistence to  get to the truth.

11th December proves really interesting it could certainly be in connection to money how we earn it, a surprise or big money.  It can also indicate creative expression, new ideas, coming to the surface now, could also be a big turning point.  

12th December again more news coming to the surface feels like the great reveal that gives us back our power and raises our consciousness.

Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th December and works well with Jupiter, and with anything professional. Mercury enter Capricorn so we take in a more serious note perhaps looking at old structure’s and now the new

15th December brings the unexpected try not make plans.

20th December all looks pretty positive, full of enthusiasm lots of hope here although we still need to adapt to the new.