Libra Sun 2021

Libra Sun
Direct planets Mercury Venus Mars
Retrograde planets: Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto
Mercury moves retrograde on the 27th Sep

Big changes happening to everyone out of our usual life styles and mostly its connected to the underprivileged though it will help us all. I think a re-set is on the menu yet when it will happen? not sure yet the time is ripe. So much turn around is happening this month rolling into October and the months ahead.

There are six planets all retrograde also the north node in Gemini. So whats been taking place undercover with the majority of us being unaware? Global news is hitting the headlines and it’s not nice yet with all being revealed its going to set us free from the programming and lies that constantly hit the news. Trust your own discretion and feel what feels right for you.

There’s a myth about Neptune and Pluto, Neptune goes down into the underworld as someone close has died and she wants to show her respect, when down there, Pluto strips her naked chains her, when she comes to the surface she is completely transformed.

So, it will be with us, as the truth will set us free, and raise our energies to become more conscious of just who we are and ready to step into the new Earth where light and love prevails.

The energies are being directed by Saturn and Jupiter that began last month and there’s no stopping this, the master of foundation together with expansion brings us more than we need, and all will be fair. Balance and justice comes into our lives for those that choose to embrace it.

Note the energies so strong now and these will continue as so much Information is coming though and to integrate our energies to help one another until we become one with all that is.

The whole sequence of events is going to take us back into past times reflecting and letting go, as well as letting go of everything we perceive to be real so a month of a great transformation to remember.