Leo Sun Reading 2021

Leo Sun 22nd July 2021 Time 14h 26m 00
A very challenging month, the Sun, Mercury opposes Pluto. Venus, Mars opposes Jupiter

We are being challenged, almost bombarded with information coming to the surface, some of these may well be our own problems, having been buried, and nicely tucked away dating back years. I’m sure we all felt confident that these were well under wraps, only to rise again, we need to come to the terms with and release whatever is holding us back.

So in this way we need to check out how we feel. We need to be free to welcome in the new Earth as we move on without our baggage, so quite important.

From another point this may well be global, called the great reveal, so much now being revealed that it’s going to knock our socks off, things that we that we had no idea about, some won’t believe this and yet here it is! Listen and make up your own minds.
Venus/Mars opposes Jupiter. This links to inspiration and expansion and doing what you feel is right for you. In some ways it helps us to move forward fast, especially in work circumstances so an opportunity for us all to shine and make a living at the same time.

However this is fast and we need to be sure that we are fully conscious of what we are doing as Mars tends to leap before he can run, so long as this energy is harnessed consciously and constructively this can be a major turning point for us all. Couple this with changes going on we have a new chapter entering our lives for the good as the rubbish can now be identified and released while the opportunity to move forward easily.

So watch your energies, don’t knock yourself out and all should be well.