Gemini Moon Reading 10 June 2021

Insightful guide on the upcoming Moon phases written by Val to make the most of this Gemini Moon. Take time to keep in rhythm with the energies and lessons of the Moon.

Chart for Gemini New Moon 10 June 2021.

 Retrograde planets: Mercury, goes direct on the 23rd June 2021

Jupiter goes direct on the 21st June 2021

Saturn Uranus; Pluto Neptune goes direct on the 26th June 2021

Direct Planets; Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Uranus

Gemini Twins, ruled by Mercury

Gemini Birthday: Communication is the key word, love is another. Everything coming together for Gemini’s that can be very transformative and take you into another chapter in life.   All the pieces coming together and healing; that is likely to bring together an easier path way.  A lucky year.

The new Moon and annual eclipse of the Sun begins with quite a bit of activity. Mercury, Venus and Uranus communicating venting one’s feelings while creating a change so badly needed. Thoughts create feelings and they prompt you to say how you feel while Chiron the wounded healer is also very relevant supporting us and creating balance and harmony for each of us, so it’s not too harsh. 

The 11th June Mars enters Cancer while the 13th June and a Cresent Moon creates a type of emotional tsunami of feelings comes tumbling out like it’s got to be said. Feeling stored for so long; can only stagnate, so although challenging creates a platform for release and freedom to be one’s self.  This energy can also be used for creative work and loads of progress can be achieved in such a small space of time.

By the 15th June feelings are much better harnessed and a time to make things right if needed, lots of communications with friends and associates as the energies are so gentle.

The 18th June the first quarter Moon in Libra feels so sharp as we can all see so much now, there’s a lot of direct action here If you want to get things done now’s the time, we can sense it. Follow your feelings and perception as so much is coming to the surface that will assist help and guide you.

The 20th June a Scorpio Moon a  wonderful day when all falls into place. lots of energy here feelings are so comfortable but we need just a little more energy in a certain direction to get the job done and its breaking the mold, everyone has the own Achilles heel so it’s different for everyone.

21st June and solstice Sun enters Cancer, and first day of Summer. The Moon still in Scorpio squares Saturn opposes Uranus, it all feels tight with almost a power struggle and no one seems to want to give in, yet change will take the upper hand!

24th June and full Moon, a Capricorn Moon 18h 40 mins lovely link to Jupiter squares Neptune.  This feels like a truce as Saturn has been adamant about making changes, he won’t just open his gate to what else is available and yet it’s happening, so here he is chatting to Jupiter and creating a bigger picture for us all, yet not all is transparent yet, as we have our friend Neptune in the picture and with her there are so many layers.

29th June A glorious day all flows well. A sense of change in the air that is just so easy anything we put our intention to can very easily manifest here today

July the 1st The second quarter Moon and links well with Venus so here again we can see with clarity efforts made so far this Moon and now we can see the shore a blessing and opportunity for us to move forward easily.

4th July energies flow well, feelings and our thoughts join to make life so worthwhile. A day of clarity and direction where we know what we want but surprises as well. So although an easy day don’t expect the norm because there are some hiccups but they don’t have to be negative.

7th July The crescent Moon If you looking for a day when all goes well here it is so much energy grounding love passion all falls in to place anything you want can happen don’t forget these energies of the Moon are fleeting yet so much can be reached in just a minute of our time when we are tuned in and this is one of those days.

 Dark of the moon 8th July A Gemini Moon conjunct Mercury; trines Jupiter squares Neptune.  So, there’s loads of energy working within our psychic we feel so expansive. Lots of news coming out but use your own perception here Neptune deceives though can be good for meditation, these planets are here to motivate us. Try to be aware of these energies in our meditations or quiet times that goes a long way to prepare us for the coming new Moon.

Gemini Moon Reading: work with the phases of this Lunar cycle.