Cancer Sun Reading 2021

Cancer Solar Chart

Cancer Sun Reading 21st June 2021 Time 03h 32m

 Direct Planets Venus Uranus Neptune goes retrograde 26th June

Retrograde Jupiter Saturn Pluto

This reading begins with disruptions and diversions they don’t have to be challenging but as these are unexpected it jars us into action. These energies may connect with family; an existing relationship, or a new one coming into life. It is likely hold a certain intensity so take time out regarding this as someone new as seems to have something compelling about it, so test the water first.

This period has an impact with a torrent of emotions. especially if feelings have been stored or placed on the back seat, or even buried your head in the ground so we need to be mindful as, words cannot be unsaid. There are many attributes going on behind the scenes, feels like we have been stripped of our  facade and now ‘I am what I am’,  nothing to hide – all is exposed and has a quality of balance about it this time, actions often  misleading and yet all coming to the surface so a month of big changes could be new technologies too  being release at last, all is coming to the surface some of it surprising.

The 23rd June holds optimism, the energy is so different and all is expansive and light. A time to celebrate.

The 1 July is a bit awkward and I wouldn’t  push it  especially if this is connected with authority figures as they are not likely to budge.

5th July again a time to get things done, an energy here where  loads can be achieved in a relative short period  of time, this period will last for about 3 days and is worth noting, even those challenging ones it you have something to say now is the time.

By the 6th July information seems to come up that we were not aware of and here it  seems we can find a better understanding  as we can now see what  is hindering us, even those challenging one’s, if you have something to say now is the time.

The 15th July Sun makes a lovely connection with Neptune creating an atmosphere of ideology yes, it’s a time for all to work out for us.

17th July the energy here is really powerful so we need to be aware of how we feel. Whatever is causing a delay or frustration in any way is coming to the surface and don’t forget this is in the realm of family and relationships so be aware and take this into consideration. We can modify our thoughts so they can be expressed in a way that notes our feelings rather than anger, however loads of energy can be harnessed and used in a creative field too.

The 18th July we now have this energy that is quite flexible and should you have anything to say now would be appropriate.

By the 22nd July again energy is high and positive the only thing that may drain us is we have been moving so fast may leave you feeling tired at the end of the day. We can only do so much!  So we are ending this reading on a positive note.

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