Taurus Moon 11 May 2021

Taurus Moon 11th May 2021 Time 19h 00m

Taurus Moon 11th May 2021 Time 19h 00m

Direct Planets: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron, Pallas.

Retrograde: Saturn, Pluto.

This Moon is about a magnificent shift in our life styles and a huge step to transform and raise our consciousness, so a massive move forward in the way we think, live and feel about ourselves, a transformation.  Everything is being altered to some degree, for some this will be shocking, others won’t believe, but the truth is out there for all to see.  There’s a clear view now of what’s been happening and loads of communications along these lines, news coming out fast, from every angle. A fast and furious Moon, but not without a silver lining, as its very likely that new technologies will be coming forward, that have been withheld for so long; now is our time. 

    11th May 21. The new Moon begins with a struggle, Saturn is trying to hold on to the old system; that he knows so well while Uranus wants the new, new enterprise, new technologies, new everything! The past doesn’t work Mars is active in getting the job done, while there’s a big tug of resistance we are nearly there and this Moon should do it. If there’s anything we have had in the pipe line, for us all personally now’s the time to get it going the energies are with us for change and long overdue.

14th May As we move to the crescent Moon there are thoughts on inner well-being almost a retreat to go within or quiet times to reassess.

While the 17th May and first quarter gives us a retrieve and provides us with the time to think and feel and get a handle on whats going on.

The 19th May provides the first insight to have a clear view on whats taking place and we should then all feel so much lighter. A big change always causes ripples, so be stead fast and keep your faith that all will be well.

 21st May Sun enters Gemini energy starts to liven up if that’s possible?!

22nd May again energy is to do with justice, balance and bring harmony into our lives to feel free.

The 26th May and Sagittarius full Moon square’s Jupiter so we have a double whammy of Jupiter. Expansion and growth, an opportune time to get all we need or want to find manifestation the stage is here for everyone; who have been working behind the scenes hoping against hope for something to happen; well, this is it! If we have the courage it’s our time. 

By the 30th May energy is much smoother whatever we set our minds to can be achieved without too much effort a day when genius, action and communications come together.

2nd June.  The second last quarter Moon good connection with Uranus’s so this is a day where we see clearly and yet able to see the shift and transformation in our lives, so although this has been a Moon of diversity we are now more in the flow.

  By the 4th June life is beginning to settle down its likely we will feel more settled and grounded feels like we have taken a huge turning point.

7th June The crescent Moon expect the unexpected today this is Uranus and try to feel ‘the now’ and trust your feelings, as we move to the dark of the Moon.

8th June and this is big again Uranus flows through out this reading and is still present now anything can happen today, as a day of the unexpected try to live today in the now and you won’t go far wrong.  Also, meditations, quiet times all work in our favour we should have so much more at our disposal.