Gemini Sun 20th May 2021 Time 19:37 00

This is Val’s insightful reading for the Sun moving through the sign of Gemini, take note of the information and guidance to make the most of the Solar energies and the lessons and pathways forward. This is an amazing and great time with amazing astrological happenings.

If you check out the Gemini Sun Astro chart you can see lots going on, we have the Sun, north node, Venus and Mercury, Uranus in the background causing change long over due, while the Sun links to Jupiter planet of opportunity. Venus wanting justice for all while Mercury is spreading the word.

Direct: Planets Venus Mars Jupiter Uranus Neptune Pluto
Retrograde: Saturn 23rd May, Mercury 30th May

The beginning of a new dawn a new age,  so much taking place, everything is fast, global news hitting us from all angles once the pieces come together, then we will know so much more, all is being revealed big time and its happening now.

Venus connects to Saturn in harmony also Mercury need to watch our energies this month as we may put too much of ourselves into a project; work; Jupiter Sun again over enthusiasm and gets right into what needs be done. We need to watch our energy levels, keep this in mind so we don’t deflate ourselves. North node is futuristic while south node is karma, time to create a new world for our selves, this is very active connects to Uranus, Chiron, Saturn. All these planets denote a transition, one era to another for all the people in general and fairness. So we are coming to a point where we all receive something to re-balance and bring justice to one and all.

Gemini Sun

20th May The Sun connects to Jupiter the great benefactor and that’s exactly what is happening now, so much passion is going to give us a boost of energy but we also need to respect this. Venus very much connected to justice has made an alliance with Saturn which is totally acceptable bringing a foundation so different to the limitations we are used to, its looking great though still more to come at later date. Not all has been revealed yet, enough for us to see and know the tide is changing for the good of us all. This is very much in order for us to see the truth both within and without – ourselves and globally, so much taking place it going to be hard to digest but here it comes no stopping this its on the way and here to stay.

By the 22nd May we are coming to grips with news/information that we were not aware of so this may cause some confusion. All will level out we just need a bit of time.

Saturn goes retrograde on the 23rd May, so we are going to revisit or given the time to check out a few things no worries.

By the 27th May again we are going over what we have heard, lots of communication of what has been released and how we feel about this. Also also lots of insight, innovation, technology and so much more, as well as far more awareness feels like we are being taken up a notch creating a new way of thinking. Perhaps the ego isn’t so strong giving love a chance to flourish to be who we are and to have further spiritual insight into who we each are, we have the power, we are Gods and Goddess so much inspiration this month.

By the 3rd June there feels like a more sound platform for us to work from and will last for about 3 days taking us to 5th June where we have Pluto/Mars at work, if there are any diversity within the home its likely it will show up here so be aware.

By the 6th June there are surprises in the air. While the 11th June will high-light everything as we reassess all. Mars enters Leo on the 11th so taking the emphases away from the home and domestic scene and focusing on creativity and moving in a good way here.

By the 13th June lots of excitement about this may connect to differences being ironed out easily yet it is so enterprising as well. This is Uranus at work and hes so inspirational we can only guess on what hes giving us in terms of ideas and creativity.

The 14th June Saturn connects with Uranus and it’s a kind of tug of power not wanting to release though freedom is the answer so its all taking place this month. So much innovations we will be so surprised and so happy with our new found freedom.