Taurus Sun Reading 2021

Chart Wheel for the Taurus Sun 2021

Taurus Sun 19 April 2021

All Planets moving Direct, apart from Pluto retrograde 28th April.
The month begins with two major conjunctions Sun/Mercury and Venus/Uranus, communicating are strong saying how you feel, as well as effecting new or releasing old relationships, connects to Pluto, may resurrect the past to clear the way for now, while Venus/Uranus connects to Saturn saying I’m not having this while Venus is arbitrator ensuring that all goes well. Jupiter and Mars are in alignment. Pluto opposes the Moon in Cancer bringing up the past and possibly deep emotional feelings.

The month begins with news hitting the fan this is news coming up that wasn’t evident before so it’s going to cause a stir, while Venus and Uranus; connection is all about spreading the news yet strong powerful feeling showing here this happens fast so it may feel a bit unsettling.

A month full of emotional charges very much concerned with being true to ourselves, and possibly the resurrection of deep wounds that perhaps were developed in the past and have remained stagnant yet still shows her face now.

19th April, so much emotional energy today we have communications going on big time. Lots of stuff coming up from the past perhaps to acknowledge and release once more as we move into our new world of freedom to live the life we choose, releasing us from the chains of the past. We have no need to get despondent, embrace the past and say thanks I have learnt from that and move on so we can live our independent life away from all constrains, and programming. This is an on-going thing as Pluto again and again unearths all and brings to the surface all that is no longer needed as so much is ahead of us now.

By the 22nd April this sense of freedom is very much in the air, lots of chatting over what’s taking place. New contacts, new ideas and different ways of doing things It’s possible that someone new comes into our lives too.

Mars enters Cancer on 23rd April This energy has connections with the home and may create a bit of a stir, Mars is fast so a good idea to focus on something that needs our undivided attention, this may connect with decorating making good use of this powerful energy, and, yet we need to be conscious here, as we don’t all have the same feelings, Mars is so direct and could also cause conflict so a good idea to keep this in mind and also Mars is in cancer for a couple of months so try to use this energy well.

The energy from the 23rd/24th April have a strong accent with abrupt turnaround it’s not going to run smoothly we may have surprises of challenges with Uranus we never really know but it’s like a strong impulse that invigorates us so it’s going to have wavering impulses around these two days the 24th April excitement seems to be in the air we feel inventive original and especially creative and can brings great insight, so much original ideas can come through at this time.

By the 25th April a time to express ourselves and we should find just the right friendship to do this as it’s always good to express ourselves.

27th April This full Moon is a biggie almost preparing us for the big one, big change that is to come, so we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus all in opposition to the Moon a big transition I feel, it’s in the way we feel, our values confidence, as the culmination of our efforts bring results like at no other time all you need is your intention, to remove the final chains that bind, the result is freedom newness as our old life comes tumbling down and we step into new awareness and enlightenment now we can progress easily and effortless to alter and make our life the way we wish yes there are challenges but all should be met as we altered attitude and effortlessly to life and embrace the now and the new.

Also, the unexpected is going to cause a bit of a storm, maybe communication skills and saying how we feel is also apparent so lots on the table and, we all have our say and feelings are strong even intense, so a very eventful full Moon yet the release of these energies can be tremendous.

The 29th April we are thinking about idealising thought and how we wish life to be.
By the 30th April we may have found this new found freedom and due to this others notice and are surprised by your original actions or thoughts going for it! This all depends on how we feel and our personal make up but Uranus very evident here and we usually do what we feel is right for us as this is quite a high octave so it looks like it’s all happening. We are becoming one in the scale of things light, is flashing all over the place.

By the 3rd May we are trying to get to the center of what we are trying to achieve this includes professionals, one is expansive and need to understand all while the other is serious and needs strong foundations to create the reality of what is we are trying to achieve. It’s challenging but also accessible with patients.

Mercury enters Gemini on the 4th May and life begins to liven up; even further and we waste no time in moving forward to check out all the legalities or rules needed together to go forward.

13th is a day to dream or right poetry very inside and good for meditations or quiet contemplation

13th May Jupiter enters Pisces and the accent energies and feeling have quite a profound effect on us in subtle ways almost as a time of contemplation so much was accomplished while Jupiter was in Aquarius now in Pisces and water, we need to digest and then tie up the loose ends emotionally. Perhaps gives us an advantage of how we feel about ourselves, our spiritual and religious dimension in life and helps in making us whole is acknowledging ourselves away from the ego and into the purity of spirit.

As we move the 17th May powerful energy that helps us all to bring all together bringing us into a place where we can feel a certain amount of contentment a challenging month but all comes tighter to bring you into a place where you are independent powerful and you.