Aries Moon Reading

Aries Moon Reading 12 April 2021

Aries New Moon 12th April Time 02 31
All Planets move Direct

Aries Birthday
If it’s your birthday today it will be a year of great changes due to choices that bring benefit as lots of the old will be cleared away. Communication skills seem to fall into place in connection to further study, university or maybe in connection with professionals that help in clearing, on the other hand you may find you help others in this capacity. An excellent year ahead where energy is used wisely.

An Aries Moon and it’s all forward full throttle, all planets moving forward apart from the north node that leaves nothing until all is revealed to complete our life’s purpose, and it’s happening now and time to do our bit for the planet and move forward in our true authenticity.

5 planets all in Aries; 2 in Aquarius Jupiter expands possibilities, while Saturn grounds and lays down a sound foundation Pluto still at work bringing everything that needs to come up and needs our time and energy while Mars in Gemini is trying to speed up our activities and is well aspected.

Aries Moon is full of enterprise and directing his energy is a superman effort as he works his power through communication with Venus, Jupiter and Pluto/Moon to bring up the changes needed and to bring further knowledge/universal energies to heighten our awareness. Also on a mundane level and professional level if legal/professionals if needed to step up into our endeavors, so we are talking about whatever this means to you; and needs to be done to get to the center of what we may need to investigate all relevant information so we have all the pieces as a big change in upon us. So, there’s an awful lot coming up even at the new Moon where all is just beginning to crack open.

As we move to the 14th April a crescent and Taurus Moon accenting money or relationships, we find we are working hard and have the energy to do just this yet we need to watch our energy too, as we all have just so much in a day; this may be a project or something you are hoping to achieve. Jupiter is significant so could higher knowledge, university or professional’s advice that make all fall into place for us.

The 17th April energy is moving well and smooth. Lots of communication still very direct and fast forward again Jupiter is strong while Neptune may make us feel uncertain, or not believe in ourselves; so, may be an idea to find some quiet moments to reflect and to know, if it feels good for you go for it.

19th April Sun enters Taurus at 20h 33m and first quarter Leo moon, where we take our rightful place, the beginning of the big demise out with the past into the future, this is because we see clearly and we now know so much more and aware of where we are heading, why and what we want. We have the power now to do as we please, so a big turning point.

The 22th April still a Leo moon, so feeling of getting all in order making changes to take back our power – our throne. The Moon enters Virgo at 13h 08m so here so we may feel a difference in energy from inspiration to the focus on detail and much more observant on what we are hoping to accomplish. all that you hope for today should work out well lots of energy and direction.

27th April This full Scorpio Moon is a big transition the planets are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Uranus everywhere will be busting with information coming in from all directions, this is creating an energy of something great, unexpected and very powerful emotional feeling, wanting to put your point across and with Uranus in the picture nothing will be as it seems so we need to be careful. This is a transition where the wheat and the chaff fall into their perspective categories, we have a choice here, and note big changes-

Following with big abrupt changes on the 30th April that will last for about 3 days again implementing the choices we made at the full Moon and very likely to change the status quo. Big surprises can be unsettling, all changes cause some sort of a disruption, but clears the way for truth to be felt and seen.

1st May a Capricorn Moon is strong and will settle us; connects well with the Sun and Uranus an easy day, where ever we focus all should work out well, especially if something has been challenging this is the day when so much can be put right and easily.

The second quarter Aquarius Moon, there’s a certain nervous excitement in the air and we can feel the lay of the land, lots of foundation here, yet still changes so we are feeling there’s a kind of uncertainty, worries everything’s changing so go with the flow and let things unfold.

The 6th May we have idealist feelings of how things are now coming into all this we feel fine.

The 9th May and Cresent Aries Moon energy is strong we are blooming becoming more confident and realising our power even able in this late stage of the Moon cycle to sense expansion and dare to dream, big changes as so much is coming to the surface.

Dark of the Moon 10th May and Taurus Moon connects to Mars and Uranus so even now try to be aware of this energy as it’s the seeds of the next Moon. Note the changes and emotions, we may feel we need to find some quiet times to contemplate.