Pisces Moon Reading 13 March 2021

Chart wheel for Pisces New Moon 13 March 2021

Pisces New Moon 13th March 20h 21mins Time 10h 21mins – All Planets direct.

The new Moon begins with news, information coming in from all directions. The Pisces Sun is guiding us to digest and come to terms with so much. 5 planets all in Pisces, 3 in Aquarius, Pluto still in Capricorn.

Well still a lot going on behind the scenes and connects to careful planning to create and move along with the changes happening now. Venus, Neptune and the new Moon all very closely connected in Pisces is bringing so much to the table, as so much was hidden and now we can see. While Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury again emphasising careful planning now moving into our lives.

A Moon of change; choices, and also assimilation of so much that is available to us now, it’s not easy as some of this will be so challenging it’s best to keep as flexible as possible, and simply flow for now, so be aware so much news all over the place. So, a time of turning a tight corner that’s going to bring changes into our lives really for the good yet so hard to begin with.
As we move on to the 19th March the Moon connects to Mars and Saturn making this a day where there’s a surplus of energy that needs direction. a good idea for any work that needs total dedication. The Sun enters Aries and represents rebirth and this is exactly whats taking place.

By the 21st March and first quarter Moon we should all have a much clearer picture connected to finances and changes here, we able to see all facets then about our current situation. I think some of this is global rather than simply our own.

The 24th March a much easier day lots of movement relationships are favored at least some ease here while we still find it hard to move on as we are waiting for some sort of authority figure to give us the okay on something of importance.

28th March British summer time begins, full Libra Moon opposes Venus and Chiron, the wounded healer, I always connect this to the suffering of mankind, and Venus justice, that at last something will be done for the majority of the people, this Moon could be that time. Full Moon also connects well to Mars, Pluto and Saturn so here we have justice at work concerning we the people, this time may connect to the great reset and finances being shared a great accent on Venus as well as Chiron. Libra stands for justice, love, sharing so let’s hope this happens and benefits us all. There’s so much energy here, connections that seem to point to revolutionary changes. There’s so much control around us lets hope this brings us some freedom to be and express ourselves.

4th April and 2nd quarter Moon connects to Pluto so we able to see all and also connected to finances so again big changes in money and how we earn a living perhaps a new venture would be good here considering the accent on money and how we earn our living lots of deep emotional feelings here, so we need to do something with this as it will release any tension that may arise and the fact that now we know so much an idea to do something creative, work that takes diligence. The whole month is to do with changes adapting and making choices so a challenging month and yet still has hope there too.

By the 9th April and Crescent Pisces Moon connects to Mars, Pluto and Neptune lots of emotions here, as so much to take in; the truth has been revealed as truth always has a way of surfacing.

10th April The dark of the Moon Aries no aspects with the Moon, quite unusual but Mercury aspects Saturn nicely and Venus, also with Jupiter. This time able to get to grips with all that has taken place while Jupiter gives you options for expansion, we all may be adapting to the way we make a living, as a sort of Insurance – its worth a thought. So, a meditation to free our minds and to note options is a good idea.