Solar reading Aries 2021

Aries Sun Reading 20 March 2021

Aries solar Reading 20th March 2021 Time 09h 37m – All Planets moving direct – Happy Birthday Aries

The Sun conjuncts Venus, Neptune, Chiron and connects to Pluto and Saturn.

Chart wheel for Aries Sun 2021

Looks like you’re on a roller coaster with love, romance certainly starred although good idea not to commit until really positive this is only due to how fast you move when you want something but you know with Neptune, and also Chiron there are wounds that need healing. So, question is it all how it seems? This can be life changing; so be aware.

20th March. This Aries Sun is a biggie, in a way this is very connected to the restrictions we had in 2020, I just got to get out of this, yet it’s all now coming to an end, much like child birth the final push, sorry fellas, and is all happening with the revelations and revolutionary action of we-the-people, we have made it happen WOW! We are here now.

The month begins with the Sun conjuncts Venus, Neptune, Chiron and connects to Pluto and Saturn, Mercury and Athena conjunct while Jupiter connects to Uranus in an easy manner, all the pieces are nicely connected, so much going on the truth is being revealed. Arbitration, discussion’s taking place behind the scenes yet with Saturn/Moon connection it is time for much of this to be shared, as well as Jupiter/Uranus link and Jupiter being expansion and with Uranus new technologies.

We are all moving into newness, a second chance at life yet with knowledge now so mistakes aren’t repeated, the new Moon links with Venus and Chiron so it feels like here’s a big accent on money and justice for all. I feel this is a new beginning, that will bring out the “National Economic Security and Reformation Act.” And abundance for all.

Solar reading Aries 2021

The 21st March and first quarter Moon, Moon enters Cancer at 12h 18m and Venus enters Aries at 14h 16m, giving us a unique opportunity to see clearly, and perhaps; news coming in the evening that could be mind boggling, hold on to your hats.

By the 26th March Sun conjunct’s Venus bringing awareness to us all, lights up the whole financial system, we will realise what this means for us all as individuals.

28th March The full Libra Moon, opposes Venus, and trines Jupiter this may be the culmination of all taking place so far, the distribution of wealth especially with Jupiter’s power Venus justice looks so promising is the great leveler.

The 30th March we should be more able to view life the way it is all the pieces are coming together very nicely to much of what has been hidden, and still more to come and will give us a different profile on what we thought, and what is (mercury/Neptune)

31st March Represents a quite day life seems quite basic and we move on and we can collect our feelings and restore our energies.

2nd April more information coming out will only last for about an hour yet significant.

The crescent Moon on the 9th April links to Neptune and Pluto makes me feel like we are being stripped of who we are as we step into the new, a new life, new attitude, with the release of barriers now that all has been revealed the great awakening

The new Moon on the 11th April again Venus very much involved so this is much to do with finances relationships Mars and how we use these energies it up to us two connections to Jupiter and Saturn means work has been laid out and ready to go so nothing harsh rather the opposite.

By the 17th April connections with Mars, Pluto and Mercury suggests quarrels, communications are very deep and need our attentions.