Aquarius Moon Reading 11 February 2020

This Aquarius Moon is freedom seeking, its within us, life is eternal and so we need to search within the internal find what we are looking for. We have 7 planets all in Aquarius in the house of Aquarius meaning freedom removing the boundaries as we move into the new age. 

If we look to the past 2020 was so challenging and we needed to go within to release the unwanted baggage that we all have to so some degree.   So here we are here feeling free, a different mindset so what do we do with this so-called freedom, well not everyone is going to like it but this is humanitarian energy we want to reach us now to help our friends’ family the world it’s not just personal and so it’s very likely we may begin project or have already joined a group that feels the same way.  This is the getting together so we become potent and do something with this magnificent energy.

Like any Moon there’s going to be hiccups but know we each have what it takes to raise our vibrations for the benefit of humanity and it’s all happening watch out for major developments this Moon shaking off the cobwebs and the illusions.

 As I said this is all to do with freedom and being our true authentic selves, we are beginning to recognise, we have so much untapped energy within that we haven’t even noticed and yes us all getting together will remedy this, as we will support one another and become a potent force we can do so much with.

 The new Moon contacts Mars and we are going to fight our way though often when we take a gigantic step forward, we cause ripples so this what as happening we need to take back our power and not everyone likes it.

As the Moon begins Saturn and Jupiter are closely linked and I feel careful planning in order to move forward perhaps with finances of some sort but there’s going to be a hold up as Mercury is retrograde, no problem use this time wisely until the 21st February when Mercury moves direct ensure all the boxes are ticked to secure everything moves smoothly then. 

By the 17th February Saturn connects to Uranus and as I said its not harsh yet awkward as changes and stirring all, so lots of changes with the life and practicability lots of things need to change till we get all the way we wish. the biggest changes happening this Moon are lots of things going on behind the scenes, creating a turning point so the changes one hoped for in 2020 can now be implemented. We are seeing all the way life is the illusion has been shattered and as now we can see with clarity and of course action, nothing quite like knowing.

Sun enters Pisces and it’s a whole new ball game and perhaps we will be digesting all the happenings this year. This is further emphasised on the Virgo full Moon that brings clarity – off with the old you in with the new. We now have the tools to plan ahead with life, with a so much wisdom. A different mindset with so much awareness and experience this is the clarity of Virgo giving us the thumbs up to move forward and manifest our desires.  And with this in mind plans are very likely to manifest as we become our true authentic selves.

As we move to the 10th March and Crescent moon we have Sun conjunct Neptune this links to idealist thoughts and feeling, and raises our vibrations and sensitivity, so a potent time yet has another side to this where few we may feel dreamy want to get lost in your own world wanting to withdraw from the real world so be aware, so solution is slots of meditations to make the most of this energy.   

Dark of the moon Mercury conjunct Moon squares Mars.  So, there’s a lot to take in maybe we will be reminiscing or communicating in some form. Dreams should be fast and revealing so check it out – how do you feel?