Aquarius Sun Reading 2021

Sun moves into Aquarius 19th January 2021 Time 20 hours 40 mins

Aquarius Sun Solar Chart 2021

Direct Planets-:  Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Neptune Pluto Uranus Athena Chiron

Retrograde-:   Mercury goes retrograde 2nd February 2021.


With so many planets working in close proximity we may feel the energies quite intensely Sun and Saturn tend to make us feel as if we are unable to move forward or don’t have our usual enthusiasm to do so, while Pluto and Venus both working behind the scenes to reveal the truth of what is taking place with the big reveal that is going to causes a storm with the changes that this will incur.  But it is just this that will create a big change for us all in the new Earth where we each can be our true authentic selves.  The Sun and Jupiter also bringing in hope, enthusiasm and expansions in our fields of expertise there’s so much that has been going on and now we will know all that we don’t know; no one will be left with illusions.

       This is our right, our heritage to become one with all that is, so with the chaos that is about to happen don’t lose heart if there are obstacles. Move around them and focus on the self and keep yourself centered in the realisation of all will be well, we need to release the old ways of living and enter the new where possibilities are endless so it’s a rocky month, and will clear the way to our new future. 

       These challenges need to be met head on so we can move forward.  Mars/Uranus in the 4th house of Taurus will cause friction so be careful as everything is so fast especially with sharp objects, electrics cars and confrontations.   The Moon in pioneer Aries is dying to move forward and simply get on with the task in hand, don’t forget we still have a strong influence of the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction the effects of this will last for about 3 months if not the whole year, so it’s frustrating at times.  With Jupiter and Saturn in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius we will not lose hope plus all the planets are in direct motion so we all move forward and expand in unprecedented ways so there’s no worries there.

19th January 2021

This month may begin for some of us with low energies or with low inclination to move forward but these energies should begin to wain by the 26th January and may feel like a bit of a struggle.  Jupiter the great benefactor is he’s asking us to look at the whole picture and not just the obvious there’s more to hear, and more that meets the eye, we can feel the truth outside the normal order of this, so much more here we need to see with perception and be open to these energies and feel, we need to be brave and courageous to see life now as it really is. 

     This is life now as it actually may create impulsiveness to get moving now we can see all but we need to look before we leap a strong Mars /Moon/ connection here it wont last long just hours yet will leave her impression. 20th January ’21 the unexpected Mars/Uranus whatever occurs here need to break free of the energy of  it’s not nice and may be in connection to news coming through, so the 1st week  Is challenging very choppy  with so many changes taking place  there is much that will surprise us all and again our energies are not at their best unless we can focus on ourselves knowing that change is for our highest good.

On the 28th January Venus Pluto conjunction where so much is being unearthed and bought to the surface this could be something we hear yet by the 29th January Jupiter/Sun gives us reason to hope – these energies will last for about 4/5 days so make the most of this time with all the planets still direct. 

Mercury goes retrograde 2nd February. By the 6th February is a time of optimism and should last 4/5 days we should be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel so much hope for expansion life taking us to the 11th February and new Aquarius Moon where we are likely to be communication moving fast exchanging ides and everything is being expressed. 

There are 6 planets all in the house of freedom loving Aquarius and connection to the north node promoting the free spirit of the people I feel it’s almost a great surge to our humanitarian energies everything reaching out to undo the chaos and limitation around us, after all we are all free spirits given to us at as a gift from God. As we each embrace ourselves to be who we are now in the moment and away from those that continue to hinder us.

     This is already changing and we should already have seen some of this with more to come by the 4th February brings good news from those in position of power so this may be a missing link to get where we each need to be. By the 17th February there a big surprise it’s not easy and possibly bring a few shock waves but releasing that which no longer serves, so a choppy month yet lots of hope for freedom for all, harmony financial freedom and so much more.