Great Saturn Jupiter Conjunction 21 December 2020

This massive conjunction between these two great planets happens every 800 years, the last time being the Dark Ages.

     But what does this mean to us?  Well, this the reconstruction of our world nothing, absolutely nothing will remain the same after this conjunction.  This Saturn restructure changing the way our country is now, somethings got to happen, this is our time and will make a difference for us all and much more in line with we-the-people.

     The Jupiter energy is about expansion and growth so a lot more opportunities coming to each of plus those little things you thought you would try, and perhaps in the distant past didn’t work no matter how hard you tried then.   So, the Saturn Jupiter conjunction is about making big changes on a new platform we each have created through 2020 the past should be well behind us now. We have released so much this year, an absolute slog, and away from the limitation plus growth and hey you have a opportunities galore so long as you keep your passion and channel it.

      So whats going to actually happen on this amazing day? Well nothing this is the energy we have been working towards all year, and the 21st is the peak, this energy will continue to affect us strongly these next 10 days and will continue and to a lesser extent this month and due to retrograde will continue over the next few months.

I believe this is the raising of our consciousness, that has been taking place all year, we will all know, and see clearly. I think a big change is all around us know as the reset, possibly an announcement and this will make all clear to everyone.

The great reset, is what will free us all, and will bring in financial freedom for everyone, due to this I feel everything will shut down for about 10 days 21st  December or very soon after until January 1st and is the entry into our wonderful new Earth.