Scorpio Moon 15 November 2020

Time 05 07

Direct Planets: Pluto Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Athena

Retrograde: Uranus Chiron north node, Neptune turns direct on the 29th Nov

Big changes in the air very much in line with last Moon.  So much controversy with Mercury and Uranus at odds, and it’s not going anywhere, Uranus is retrograde which means there is going to be a lot of soul searching.  This time now is the beginning of the great reveal, once the full Moon is here.

The Gemini full on Moon 30th November is close to north node so much is going to be exposed, again a Moon of changes and causing some confusion, and uncertainty although all will prove valid in the truth. 

Everything on this day is like the tower, everything is falling down we need to be patient, strong and confident that all will be well as we see the light that is left after this collapse and awakening as the truth unfolds. We need to release the old programming, that which we have been taught is the real, it is not!   Revelations are now coming to the surface, and then; we-the-people will reign again to become our true authentic selves.   


Scorpio Spiritual Moon Guide
Chart wheel for Scorpio Moon

15th November The new Moon a Scorpio Moon so determined and very decisive and direct there no hedging no buts just moving forward now big time. Mars is now direct so we have done our homework, we are powerful.  This Moon begins with disruptions and yet so many harmonious links in Capricorn as the foundation has already been laid out, and will now work in unity to bring us what we need, preparing us for a new start a regeneration, and raising consciousness according to each person’s awareness.

17th November we are coming together for the highest good of all connecting feeling the same way, sending out our light, love and truth to the universe are brothers and sisters everything taking great shape, although at this point it cannot be seen.

The 19th November life seems to be more fluent and yet tough again energies as the Sun and Moon are harmonious in Capricorn but much more stringent and acute, so it flows easily, if we have patients? We are nearly there. we are ready for some sort of information flowing to the public from those in authority, and complete overhaul of plans regulations of all that has been going on behind the scenes.

22nd November first quarter Pisces Moon-Sun enters Sagittarius and the tempo speeds up from direct to a more expansive feel of Jupiter.  we now all see clearly what been taking place and what is.

24th November everything feels like its harmonious now all have moved on yet so much taking place we are in the center of a big transformation; all is well stable and strong a very powerful day full love and promise so much moving forward and much information is still being uncovered.

So much taking place yet it’s beginning to make sense the structure which we each have laid is now ready to expand and show results, we seem to be connecting and chatting in a higher vibration, note how you feel as opposed to last year so much has changed.

The 30th November and Gemini full Moon links to the north node and indicates the importance of we-the-people as a collective. We are becoming one and so strong.  Gemini can see both the light and the darkness so here we see all and this is precisely what is taking place. The old and worn out system of working, of regulations, our old programming we need to relearn a different way of being and this can be turbulent full of uncertainly, confusion and everything basically is in array so this is where it all turns good yet it’s still challenging as we need to rely more on our inner power now until all is revealed as it will on the 20 December to the 1st Jan 2021 so we have so much to look forward too.

5th December  This is quite a fast day, very fiery, lots of passion, a Leo Moon and Sagittarius Sun; emotionally and physically all should prove well, plus many connections, enables us to reach into areas that have been challenging  with a little soul searching this can actually be a day to remove the old and invest in the new so much opportunity here to excel forward but we have to act to get what we each need.

8th December and Virgo Moon again array of connections Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Athena it’s also the last quarter Moon, here we have clarity of mind and all is harmonious apart from Neptune, so although we may know the score there is actually something hidden here so be careful!  Example go with your heart if something feels good it’s a yes but better still wait until tomorrow if choices need to be made.  Apart from that energies are flowing well so much expansion here. This is the Moon for change and within the chaos we can rebuild and remake our structure the old are gone whatever we do today so long as we each rely on ourselves.

The 10th December mind and souls are in harmony yet there are few hoops we have to jump through, this is seeing all the way, there’s no camouflage here, go with the flow it’s a truth game that is now coming to a close yet still a pain as we are basically still in uncertainty, but not for long.

12th December and crescent Moon, we need some patience today and if you have it then all will fall into your lap. planets are slightly at odds although Pluto and Uranus are well aspected meaning something we have been working on should bring all the pieces together unexpected and helps in a new direction. 

As we enter the dark of the moon Jupiter and Saturn are both well aspected plus a Sagittarius Moon so feels expansive with our feet on the ground its crazy and excellent especially if we meditate today can bring so much revelations to us all.

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