Libra Moon 16 October 2020

Time 19:31 BST       

Libra Moon Chart Wheel 16 October 2020

Planets Direct: Venus Jupiter Saturn Pluto Neptune Athena

Retrograde: Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Chiron


Those born under this sign can expect romance, although we need to be careful that this is the real thing.  Sometimes we may want something so bad and it lands in our lap, to be disappointed later.  Go with the flow and enjoy it for what it is.

There is a strong influence of Mars and Neptune to this Moon as well as abrupt changes due to news coming in with communications, this is to allow the illusions to gracefully fall away.   See how you feel there is lots to be revealed, as well as expansion in our plans.

A positive year ahead although it may be a bit choppy to begin with, but this is only to clear the way for you to regain balance and harmony.

16th October 2020 New Moon.

A turbulent Moon yet full of positive vibes, the reason being Neptune is at work here, as well as a  strong influence of Mars links to the new Moon, indicating the people rising to gain their power in the light of things while a powerful Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus pointing to a great deal of upheaval in communications, so much news is being revealed, it is going to be hard to grasp all taking place that may make some of us feel vulnerable. 

Please don’t be alarmed it is happening for a purpose so that we know what is going on in our world.  It is this that will cause so many disruptions as we-the-people will have a different slant on life and how it should be.  You can fool the people some of the time but now is the time for truth.

As we move forward to the 18th October a Scorpio Moon and a strong Mars influence, we are beginning to digest all taking place, it’s a much easier day, all round and in harmony as we begin to see and feel new possibilities on the horizon.

21st October 2020 a and Capricorn Moon so we have quite a bit of stability here as we resonate with so many possibilities – big revolutionary  changes going to alter so much in our lives for the good yet we are in the midst of an unsettling period,  yet it is just this that will be eliminated so we all live our lives with more harmony balance and wealth for us all. 

23rd October the Sun enters Scorpio so we have a much more determined tone here, we are not letting up, we are moving forward big time

The first quarter Moon links with Saturn so a time to go within the best you can do with this energy is to do something that is concentrated or work outs, yes exercise, here we can see where we are what has occurred. we are taking in so much from the media and the internet that gives us room to think and feel what is possible for us all now we are now getting to grips with these.

26th October A Pisces Moon and time for the dreamer to dream of new ways of life. We are communicating, and not out of the woods yet, as its going to take some time for us to digest so much that has taken place, yet we need to realise just where its leading us too.  So there loads of contacts that are of a serious note as we swap our feeling with one another.

31st October The full Moon in Taurus and Scorpio.  A powerful full Moon.  Mars and Venus are strong, the Moon links to Uranus. Today is absolutely unpredictable anything could happen.  But generally, today is going to make us feel unsettled as we are just getting accustomed to so many happenings and news that has previously been under cover. So we are unsure of so much that’s taking place right now making us feel uncertain.  Buts it just this that will clear the way, so keep the faith that all that is happening is for our highest good, and watch the biggest change around in our lifetime, it is worth the turbulence and know all will be well.

6th November and Cancer Moon today is a big turn-around, everything is flowing. Some of it is expansive and more coming to the surface to digest.

8th November and second quarter Leo Moon, feels like the end of one era and into a new. We are feeling much better and getting used the new, bringing with us a new enthusiasm for life. Here we can see so much we know the score and release of the old way and into the new we go. 

10th November and Virgo Moon here so much is being clarified a powerful Moon links to Neptune still more is being unearthed, yet it is happening in such a way that it doesn’t cause any disruptions. It all kind of unfolds, yet there will still be those that find all this information a load of baloney, yet we simply need to do our own research to seek out the truth.

13th November 2020 Dark of the Moon. Moon opposes Uranus and links with Neptune. Today is giving us much room for thought, perception is so strong giving us the right energy to pursue our inner wisdom, to plough through so much and seeing, feeling life the way, it is now.

There are big changes happening within us all almost changing a chapter in one’s life.

While we have these idealistic thoughts and feeling, such a good time to meditate or listen to some gentle or vibrational music that brings an element of Peace into our souls. ~ Vassoulla x

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