Virgo New Moon 17 September 2020

Virgo Moon 17th Sep   Time 11 am

Direct Planets: Jupiter Venus Mercury Athena

Retrograde: Mars Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Chiron

Born under the sign of Virgo

This is the sign of clarity and order, generally Virgos are precise and make their calculations before moving forward ensuring all is well.  However, this is going to be somewhat of an unusual year as the blinkers are taken off and so much will be revealed, you will indeed make the most of this as its your style to decipher and make use of what is available to you now.

Due to the unfolding of information there is likely to be a determined  effort to move forward that will probably last until the end of the year,  big changes with those you associate with and a broader feel to what you want in life as life is changing you need to be flexible but I don’t feel this will be a problem, a true  pioneers of the light all will be well though there are likely to be hiccups, but it’s just this that will open life to a broader extent,  some may be drawn to a more spiritual awareness, and make their own assumptions on what is.

Big changes for Virgos.

 With most of the major planets moving retrograde whatever occurs this Moon is likely to have a lingering effect throughout these rest of the year, however it’s not all doom and gloom, and its this Moon’s great reveals and events that will bring about enlightenment for those that have chosen and have prepared.

Chart Wheel for 17 September 2020 New Moon in Virgo

The new Moon begins opposing Neptune, connects to both Saturn and Pluto to create a new order and life that we were supposed to live, Heaven on Earth.   Neptune is very impressionable and can be deceptive as well as spiritual.  News now reaching the surface cannot be hidden away any longer, we-the-people have opened our eyes and refuse the limitations placed upon us. 

 I feel that is going to bring so much to light as this energy, reveals the untruth, it is almost tripping over itself and the truth will be revealed.

 Now is the time to see and know so much information is coming in, we won’t like it, some of us we won’t believe it, its huge and will raise our vibrations because we now know! and will enable us to reach our destined freedom because of this.   However, it’s going to be rocky and a new life where we have the freedom to be ourselves and move forward the way we choose, without the trappings of big daddy, because it is our divine right, we are DIVINE!

As we move forward to the 19th September and crescent Libra Moon there’s so much speculation  and controversy it is creating some disharmony, as everything filters through. There’s this powerful energy to move forward almost war like Mars and his initial force moving forward to claim the golden ram that will enable him to retrieve his throne that was rightly his! This energy creates our journey to retrieve our heritage, we now have to act to reach our destiny, just like when our energy was stolen, now’s the time to step forward and reclaim what is ours,  our authenticity  so this creates a more powerful movement by we the-people and we will be heroic.

By the 21st September the energy and vibrations are so strong a very determined Scorpio Moon that leaves nothing undone, again very much connects to Mars and moving forward while  events  will begin to untangle themselves.

By the 24th September and the first quarter here we have in full view all, and we can see clearly  it’s a Capricorn Moon so quite a serious time yet so much will unfold, many happenings today Uranus is evident and it’s not straight forward thought  Uranus will offer solutions and create any changes necessary our Capricorn Moon certainly know what has to be done.  

As we move forward to the 26th September and Aquarius Moon is very a different energy of freedom to express ourselves as well as the push forward here for change communications are very strong an excellent day for innovations. 

1st October and Aries Moon Libra Sun.  An exceptionally powerful day, where talking about balance and harmony with the drive to move forward this feeling of determination is going to be around for some time until that which we want is achieved.

On a more global level this is a movement of the people taking back our power that was shown at the new Moon with all this news coming through it changes our perception so much. We are in such a flux of change owing to the information that came in and still is, will change so much in our lives and will never be the same again, there is a movement going on and we are all part of this fundamental change.   Our views on life is now so different from last Moon this is us now pioneering forward to reclaim our heritage. 

The 7th October a much easier day a Gemini Moon links well with the Sun  and squares Neptune so much more information coming thought and will continue as the months progress. The 10th October and last quarter this has been a mind blowing Moon and it’s all change!  A need to be  flexible here it’s a Cancer Moon we are talking about we the people and making changes that influences  everyone. These revolutionary changes will cause some upheavals nevertheless everyone will be accounted for, all or nothing and it’s very likely to be all.

As we move to a Leo Moon on the 12th October Leo is strong and the Sun is so happy to add his power and his energy to make all work out well, with lots of movement forward and is relatively easy.

The 14th October and crescent  Virgo Moon has so many contacts all the planets apart from Mars are linked; so communications are strong as well as expansion that is very ordered. Pluto creating a transformation while Venus holds the balance, again Neptune is here and again news is coming to the surface, we may realise that 80% of news is untrue, that helps us to once again analysis our lives.

17th October Dark of the Moon a Scorpion Moon links with Mercury so again chiselling at the news, it heads down, learning. growing and waiting for the next impulse of energy. We are resonating within and we are feeling this powerful energy.

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