Double Leo Moon 19 August 2020

19 August 2020 Leo Double New Moon

Direct planets:

Mercury Venus Mars


Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron & Athena

Those born under the sign of Leo

Those born under the sign of Leo can realistically expect to move forward unhindered. Communications of all kinds flow well, should be able to find answers of the heart, not especially romantic, those dreams you need and felt for the self. A personal journey of self-expression especially if they are filled with purpose. A time to also arbitrate for what is right in your expression, watch money as you may feel extra generous, or spend too much, receive and give dreams and aspirations and support to those that come your way.

Small Review of this Month

There’s a strong feel to Venus and Chiron trying to help those in need. We can each have a part here as thoughts manifest into reality so easily now.

Venus opposes the Goddess Athena so we are chatting, Sun in Leo the source of all while the Moon is orbiting Gaia, three Blessed Goddesses all in support and working for Gaia. Arbitrating, getting to the truth and sending love to all, also loving changes taking place within the family.

At the same time there is a feel that this direction is ‘oh so good’ that envelopes us all. There’s still a strong accent in Capricorn although with Jupiter and Athena also in residence it’s not so bad yet we still have the push and pull but we also have the expansion and excitement looking at this from a higher perspective. So, it seems it’s all in our lap.

19th August 2020

The new Leo Moon begins with optimism enthusiasm direction and loads of passion. Communications are exciting and innovative, moving us forward as we feel and know all the parts of life coming together, a new era.

A Leo Moon and enters Virgo in the evening so a strong feel of us being in our center, and in control of our feelings and power.

There’s a strong feel to Venus in Cancer and Chiron in Aries healer and a pioneer in Aries very much connected to family, so long as we stay centered all is well. Venus opposes the Goddess Athena so we are chatting and getting to the truth, lots of healing taking place within the family.

21st August 2020 The crescent Libra Moon, this is justice at her best with real structure carefully planned out, may be connected with money, and may not be completed yet though the equations are right, and will come to light.

As we move to the 23rd August 2020 a Scorpio Moon feels so determined to get to the source of what’s on one’s mind theirs loads to do and we have the energy now to see this through yet we need to watch our energies as we will be tired once completed.

25th August 2020 as we move to the first quarter Scorpio Moon we can see clearly big revolutionary changes already taken place and set to go, lots of movement it began with news coming though at the new Moon this is the first glimpse of how far this energy has gone.

By the 28th August 2020 a Capricorn Moon in harmony with the Sun and Uranus. A day with lots of excitement also able to achieve so much very easily.

2nd September 2020 full Pisces Moon-Sun in Virgo. This feel like big authority changes, we can see so much and we have so much information which enables us to see the structured plans in intricate detail.

It is not harsh in any way as it comes from the source of all things, yet has so much freedom here also, we are seeing life larger that it is so much expansion should we wish to take it and make the most of.

7th September 2020 We now feel so different because of the full Moon and this Moon in connects well with the Sun, Jupiter and conjunct Uranus I feel it’s so good, full of pleasant surprises that again the focus on freedom, this is kind of big time as we have has the corona virus and still in lock-down which has limited us. Now we have the full expression of feelings being expressed in big ways hallelujah! See how it goes but so full of excitement.

10th September 2020 As we move on the last quarter moon in Gemini here, we have so much insight removing the layers of deceit we are able to see life the way it is. It’s not nice yet we are one, and we know? So much has been revealed to us this Moon.

As we move to the 12th September 2020 again feeling positive though we need to watch our energy as so much is available, we need to respect it in terms of what we are each capable of, as we may well over extend ourselves so be warned.

Again, more information coming through – this is something we need to know. Lots of changes without any hindrances feelings of idealism that at last we can see the light we are getting there; we are there.

The 15th September 2020 Crescent and Leo Moon lots of direction but be careful energy may be a bit low in terms of feelings give yourself a chance to decipher.

16th September 2020 and the dark of the Moon we have a Virgo Moon; Jupiter in Capricorn; and Uranus in Taurus, very earthy and all in harmony. Such a combination enabling us all to use these qualities in meditation.

Watch your dreams so much coming through that is mind expanding and also enables us to feel more free away from the limitations of the past, the past is over and the new beckon’s, still more to go yet an evolutionary step forward.

Good luck to us all!!

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