Cancer Moon 20 July 2020 Reading

New Moon 20 July 2020 Time 17h 33m


Direct Mercury Venus Mars Uranus moves Retrograde 16th August

Retrograde Jupiter Saturn Neptune Pluto.

Double Cancer Moon, this means we have more to assimilate, seems big changes to create life called freedom.

20th July.  This Cancer Moon begins with powerful energies, the Moon opposes Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto trines Neptune while the North Node connects to Neptune bringing idealistic thoughts perception and feelings and a great deal of wisdom.  

We are connecting on a soul level, the energies here bringing excitement and expansion in the way we do things and the way we will work and use these energies in the future – there is no going back.  

A path to change our lives, to transform them and to know and be very conscious of this.  It is time, as the Lord Saturn would say, we have worked, persevered and now it is time for rewards, as new ideas and ideals come to light lots going on, but we need to be prepared so we are strong.  

When these changes occur, it is going to cause a ripple until we are comfortable with these energies so it’s moving forward big time with new formation, new abilities and growth for us all.

The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd July and creates a whole new ball game

By the 23rd July and crescent Moon the light is just beginning to shine through lots of love in the air a new energy lots of changes today that come about unexpectedly but seem to go with our flow so nothing upsetting.

 The 25th July and Libra Moon again we are holding on to our balance and aware of so much more, and justice for all connects so well with the Sun.

By the 27th July and first quarter Scorpio Moon patience isn’t our strong point, so go with the flow. Around 4ish we get inspiration and wisdom, perhaps an answer to something, or an idea, we feel good, but by the end of the day there is something unexpected comes our way – so an eventful day.  

The 29th July and Sagittarius Moon begins with optimism lots of harmony, excitement yet we have our feet on the ground as we spread our wings everything today is well ordered.

3rd August and Full moon in Aquarius square Uranus.   A strong feeling of freedom, we still need to shift our energies around as this Uranus energy can be quite awkward.  

However, we are going through a great transformation out with the old and in with new so there may be a need for some adjustments.  However, with the Moon here we may need people, friends around us and also our own solitude so it’s a bit of everything today, use these energies well, they don’t come around every day.  

By the 8th August and Aries Moon, we are raring to go, lots going on around communication all connection’s feel so right so note who you chat to and how you feel should be a knowingness here.

The 11th August and last quarter Moon in Taurus again communications are strong but not so smooth, try to take the higher ground so you see things from a higher perspective that Jupiter provides today, can be inspiration try to listen to gut feelings and you won’t go far wrong.  

14th August provides a day where most things in life moves smoothly, all connections with communications and moving forward is good, perception is strong and its likely to be a really good day

16th August Cancer Moon opposes Jupiter Saturn and Pluto, again looking within and plans we each make, energies are intense although Jupiter gives so much you may feel trapped (Saturn and rather isolated) while Pluto will also bring out the richness of you.  

See what you want and do, what you can do to release the intensity of these energies.  However, I do feel with Jupiter we can each see outside our limitations and keep on moving forward, so long as its heart guided should be okay.  

17th August Dark of the Moon a Leo Moon unusual only very small transits here.  There’s a weak aspect to Venus and Neptune so go within the heart of Leo and link into the treasure within.   

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