Taurus Moon Reading 23 April 2020


Taurus Moon Chart 2020 shows planetary placements
Taurus Moon 23 April 2020

Time 02 h 26 m 00

Taurus Moon 23rd April 2020 Time 02 h 26 m

All planets move direct until the 26th April when Pluto moves retrograde.

This Moon begins unexpectedly, a type of catalyst for the rest of the year which mostly effects finances. I feel big change’s around this area.  

This change is further implemented with new plans, a new foundation and a complete change due to this.

Also connects with the north node in Cancer needing to nurture the under privileged, no more pomp but rather the compassion that reaches we-the-people that this sign offers. It’s going to create so much speculation everything is taking place so fast, all buzzing, chatting and communications on all levels.

25th April The crescent Gemini Moon connects well with Jupiter and Saturn, creating just the right energy for us to see the broader view on what has just happened. This gives us much more room to manoeuvre to create what we each feel we need as so many restrictions are being lifted due to this.

Today will help us create a new foundation and within this structure enables us to make changes with a knowing that we can adjust easily to this new foundation.

As we move on the 28th April and Cancer Moon, this energy still very much connected with Uranus creating an inner antenna to feel this new energy. It’s almost a new direction for the soul, new ideas, new messages, new output and input.

The 30th April also emphasises this and links with Mercury, Saturn and Uranus. We see everything so clearly and these changes will actually enhance us to have a smooth day.

The 30th April first quarter Moon links with Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus-Saturn. Today is giving us the first serious glimpse on how these changes are affecting us.

It’s a Leo moon so we are talking about the changes taking place – within as well as in our life and the establishment.  Serious thoughts here on what is happening and how we respond. It’s a bit restless not knowing how the lay of land will lie, yet these changes will enhance us. It is just a process that now needs to unfold.  

By the 3rd May a much easier day everything is so much clearer and there the feeling of happiness and excitement however there is still much to be uncovered.  

Yet the shift is transformational and changes the status quo.

7th May full Scorpio Moon links with Mercury, Neptune-Pluto there is some conflict as the full Moon usually reveals yet it’s a powerful drive to succeed in what we are hoping for or working towards.

However it’s not all plain sailing we just need to watch how we put ourselves across as communication skills are not at their best.

We might just be too instinctive; it’s just falling out of our mouth before giving ourselves a chance to think, so be careful with what you say.

It’s a turnaround of sorts you we just need to be patient here and go with caution rather than full throttle.

By the 12th May life is much more even. All going well, communications are just right, if there has been any misunderstandings now’s a good time for these to be resolved, so the path ahead is clear.

This second quarter of the Moon gives options and clarity, it’s a little sharp as we see things clearly yet it gives us insight on what has transpired and what is available as we see so many possibilities.

The 17th May is easy a Pisces Moon connects to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto and able to go with the flow even with the challenges as we overcome so many upheavals.

The 20th May and a Taurus Moon connects well will Mars and more structure from Saturn and a surprising touch from Uranus this is an on-going movement that is going to change so much in our lives.  

It’s a small transit in the way of things but evident at the new Moon so it’s still playing and making upheavals, changes that have occurred this Moon are very likely to stay with us.

The dark of the Moon in Gemini connects with Neptune well so our energies may well be inspirational. There are so many different ways of connecting and feeling this energy. Make the most of this energy and be aware of insights dreams and inspiration.

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