Pisces Moon 23 Feb 2020

Pisces Moon 23 Feb 2020

Time 15h 32m

All planets move direct apart from Mercury that moves retrograde to 10th March. All planets move direct from the 10th March to 25th April. With these dates whatever we are trying to manifest, there will be no hindrances.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune are in Pisces.  While Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are in Capricorn, Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Taurus.

The Moon in Pisces is bringing together all that we have worked for and more, we have moved through the elements of fire, earth, air and now water is cementing all we have accomplished so that it really resonates within.

This Moon is about owning our feelings becoming more conscious of who and what we are and what we stand for. The illumination of the ego can be a challenge yet it’s so possible as we move through this sign of Pisces, which prepares us for the Aries Moon of action.

Although the Moon is in Pisces this is a fast move for a new Moon, connects with Mars and Uranus given inspiration and direction to whatever we feel is right for us.  It’s almost as if we can feel this energy instinctively and a yeaning is to get things moving.  While the planets being in Capricorn work harmoniously with Pisces to broaden one’s skills and to become master of ourselves.

23rd February the new Moon, begins so unlike Pisces in a way the energy is so vast yet there is a plan that cannot wait, connecting to Mars creates a strong pathway while Uranus gives us options and inspiration, couple that with sensitivity and we have roots that just cannot go wrong. This is Pisces as its very best using all her energy and so much more to create out of her vastness anything we set our minds to, what an amazing start to the new Moon.

By the 26th February and the crescent Moon all is moving well but it doesn’t have the fluidity we had at the new Moon – there’s almost a hesitancy here. It’s important to be sure that plans are well laid out and that the smallest hindrance doesn’t hold you off guard, not every day flows.

The 29th February  an idealistic day everything is excellent everything is in harmony it has stability inspiration direction and again feelings and perception walk hand in hand, it’s an idea to note these feeling as any past experiences that cause pain can be released, and guiding us to know ourselves from a different platform

The 2nd March is the first quarter Gemini Moon, this gives us a sharp eye to see clearly all that has taken place since the new Moon and we can be critical here so that all is clear, and make changes if we wish and still make a difference to what we perceive as our reality. 

5th March a Cancer Moon links well with the Sun so we are using perception and nurturing we need to be kind to ourselves, yet the changeover coupled with inspiration of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are all at logger heads. It is important something is about to revealed with hindsight, the Moon the past and Jupiter expansion while Pluto provides the changeover.

9th March a Virgo full Moon, provides us with a sharp mind to see things clearly, our mind can make us critical of others, and also of ourselves bringing up past emotions.   This may promote seeking out someone to talk with, to release and get a handle on these energies so that all can bring about a higher perspective, and of course we may play this role out for someone.  

Neptune is evident so I would say don’t make any firm decisions under this full Moon but wait for this influence to pass. 

By the 14th March the choices we need to take can find solutions, a Sagittarius Moon links well with so many planets that changing plans or reconsidering them is a good idea as we have the insight and expansion here, this is all about you! Understanding ourselves and our place in it.

by the 16th March the last quarter Moon we have great insight connected to Mercury can bring about discussions that have clarity for ourselves with an almost critical deciphering of our emotions, as we move forward into the newness that is here and now 

the 18th March and Capricorn Moon and again connections to Mars, Jupiter and Uranus and Pluto bringing with her a transformation as the whole Moon has been heading. Structure plans direction more with inspiration and Pluto revealing all “how can we can really go wrong”. 

Moving on to the 21st March this is a day of an enterprise communication with interesting people so take into account what we may hear and what transpires.

A happy dark of the Moon, a Pisces Moon has so many good connections: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto an array of planets to influence our dark of the Moon so make the most of this inspiration  and revealing time for  expansion basically while we sleep we can use all the tools we have to make the most of this line up simply unheard of.