Gemini Moon 2020 – The Phoenix Rises

Gemini Moon 2020 – The Phoenix Rises

22nd May 2020 time 17h 39m

The Direct Planets  

Mars, Uranus, Mercury and Neptune all direct. Mercury turns retrograde 18th June

Retrograde Planets

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus

This new Moon connects well with expansive Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, (these 3 planets are all in harmony with the New Moon) creating a new stability away from the chaos of last Moon.  

This is a new way of life – still to be implemented, yet it’s on the horizon created by we the people.  We are looking at new ways of doing things, right the way across the board a new life; a new freedom; like we haven’t seen before.  

22 May This new Moon is buzzing with new ideas so there is excitement in the air.  

As we move on to the 25th May we begin to see these ideas create a direction that is fast and unhindered. This creates the change that we all need. This is a basic modification which we have created ourselves. A new  platform, a new structure whatever we each have created this is the beginning of the unfoldment and together it’s a WOW!       

A Leo Moon shines brightly as Jupiter expands on what we already know and Saturn and his harsh reality. Yet the Sun eases that to a certain extent creating new ideas that can formulate a new way forward for us to work on. It’s all crystal clear.

As we move to the Virgo Moon on the 30th May and first quarter Moon we are able to see the whole picture. It’s sizzling with new ideas, able to see how all the pieces fit together and ways of doing things that haven’t been tried before.

This is expansion on a large scale and is also very much to do with how we all connect and how we relate to each other. News is travelling so fast, travel and so much more this is a global thing as well as what we do for ourselves since we have had so much time with lockdown.  

The 1st of June a Libra Moon and keeping the balance today is not hard everything is easy going. We are analysing and using our perception to what feels right. Plus so much information coming in. This Moon is about progress like we haven’t seen before! A happy time so much now is coming into our laps. A faraway cry from last few months and past years so much transformation. It’s not over yet but this Moon proves to be good supportive and helpful to us all

5th June. The full moon in Sagittarius opposes Venus squares Mars.

There’s excitement in the air everything is crystal clear, The Sun is busy gathering information, while Venus is distributing, the only thing that can cause a problem or hiccup is if we are too complacent while Mars in Pisces is using all his strength to swim to shore.  

So, lots of information coming in, it is going to open our eyes to what is, truths will be a revealed and will change many things in life for the good of all.    

By the 10th June everything goes well. It’s a smooth day and if your work load is heavy this is the ideal setting as so much can be accomplished today as there are no hindrance’s.  

The 13June Aries Moon, second quarter if we choose, we have a chance here to set out just what we want for next Moon almost a map to assist.  

There are so many happy aspects today everything just flows. The only challenge is Mars closely linked to the Moon while we have the quarter aspect that enables us to see and understand all aspects of this Moon so far.

Mars is direct and feelings are on the cuff, if life isn’t right then he’s going to give us his import or rather we are!

The 16 June goes easy with what we want, our perception; our feelings so they flow well and in harmony. There is a bit of a harsh reality. It’s a matter of keeping all with what we can handle from expansion and structure.  

The 18 June and crescent Moon in Gemini. Everything is buzzing so much is going on, we are talking about many changes going on around us and within. From expansion to a new way of going about life, to ideals on how we would like life to be and the changes being implemented by us creating a transformation, this is it!

The dark of the Moon a Gemini Moon conjuncts Venus so this is about loving ourselves caring about others and giving. That has already happened, with lock-down and the growth that we have gone through called love.