Aries Moon Reading 24 March 2020


Time 09h 28m

Aries Moon 2020
24 March 2020 Wheel for Aries Moon

All Planets move direct until 26th April

A new Moon in Aries, conjunct Chiron the wounded healer. 

Saturn moved into Aquarius on the 23nd March and now we have an entirely different ball game.

Mars, Pluto and Jupiter all closely connected in Capricorn.

Uranus and Venus both in Taurus.

North node in Cancer

Athena in Capricorn.

24th March the new Moon begins with a yearning almost a restlessness to set the world right. This connects to the warrior aspect of Aries closely connected to Chiron.  Aries wants to confront the establishment and make changes based on compassion. As you can imagine this is a real challenge, also to change and be responsible for ourselves without the direction of an outside force.

We want to be free, to feel freedom, that began in Aquarius and we gained a higher awareness in Pisces and now we are ready for action.

This can only be achieved through a kind of death, a transformation of the old to the new.  Chiron the son of Kronos a Shaman, a wise teacher and healer. His siblings are Zeus and also Hades of the Underworld so he has contact with both. Through Chiron we can transform the way we feel, think and act. 

Last Moon we took a good look at ourselves and accepted and released the old, and all that does not serve. Now we need to act for ourselves and the world.

How many times do we watch the news hear someone has just died or a tragedy and then get on with whatever we are doing? Change is the only way.  This is the beginning of a big shift that will bring fairness to all. 

The 27th March and Crescent Taurus Moon is as if a light is shining through in terms of communications.

The 29th March links with Saturn arranging fast communication, influences a kind of grounding and plans of change that has far more flexibility.

The 1st April and first quarter Moon helps us to see clearly with compassion and again plenty of communication in relation to this while we feel we can make a difference to the way the world works simply by us unifying, so simple and strong.

The 3rd April and Leo Moon is bringing forward changes in our lives that make a difference in the way we live. Change always leaves her ripples so we may feel restless or unsettled. It’s a big revolutionary change in our personal lives all we can do is trust that we are doing the right things. 

 The 8th April – Full Moon, Libra Moon squares Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto also connects with Athena. With these major planets there’s almost a pushing and wanting to use our gifts to support us into a new Earth, a new life. 

Libra ruled by Venus wants fairness and justice for all, also influences money.  This is a huge challenge and many things need to change to satisfy Jupiter who consults with Athena who will use her wise council to bring solutions to the current crises. There’s the feeling of far more thinking outside the usual boundaries of Saturn, who needs to remake plans to fit in with this yet it’s going to take some re-adjustments for us all and Pluto helping us all to make a huge changes within to connect with these energies. It’s almost as if the planets have taken a whole new potency and after this full Moon nothing will remain the same

Changes are necessary for the underprivileged, this can only happen with an abrupt change almost like a tsunami those involved with running the “show” have gone past the sell-by-date. Now we-the-people are making a huge dent in what’s needed and it will happen.  A change over in our lives and globally.

As we move on to the 12th April and Sagittarius Moon in light of the full Moon focus this is far reaching and we want to see more. This energy strips way illusion’s we so we see clearly.

The 14th April the last quarter and Capricorn Moon connects to Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and Athena, in preparation for the next Moon and changes that will occur then, this relates to fundamental adjustments needed to make the transfer of old to new.

The 17th April is much more relaxing considering all that has transpired.

 While the 20th April and crescent Moon connects with Saturn again outlines plans for future.

The 21st  April and the dark of the Moon. With Mercury, Mars and Jupiter there’s going to be a focus with the events and revelations of this Moon as to what has transpired and is making a real difference to our lives.