Reclaim your Power and Rise as a Warrior of the Rainbow

Reclaim Your Power

Sign your name on the Scroll of the Light Warrior

I was inspired to write these so we can add our name to the side of Light in this Great War. No one has a right to speak for us, especially to lie, cheat and steal the path of peace from humanity.

Our acceptance of the machinations of today’s society has been taken as our support and consent!

Our society has become so blind to what is really happening, truth is shot down and buried. People are treated as commodities, death has become a profitable industry worth billions of dollars.

Slavery still exists, children are stolen, used and abused. Pedophilia is rife and there are political machinations supported by some churches for the sexualisation of children.

They have been studies by professors insisting that pedophilia is a normal way to be. That we should even be sorry for pedophiles because its natural.

No – pedophiles are either the abused that go on to abuse, servants of the dark forces or just empty souls that can live with making money on the torture of children and God knows what else.

The real truth is so horrible that decent people cannot conceive that we have such evil among us.

We are at our last stand, we are in the war that has been prophesied since the Essene’s wrote about the sons of darkness. The sexual abuse of our children is evil deliberately damaging great souls so the pain they carry keeps them anchored to darkness.

This is about subverting and corrupting our race so we do not become the major players in the universe and the Great work.

How can we rise?
How can we change things?

‘I think therefore I am’ is what comes into play here and I felt compelled to write this. If we reclaim our power as our own, then we help adjust the scales of balance. Each signature is noted and counts.

By signing your name you are adding your will, power and love to the cause of love.

Each signature strengthens the Light and weakens the darkness.

How ever you see your chamber is what is right for you. There is no right or wrong, don’t worry if you go to your room and instead of a night sky its daylight and you see rolling hills.

This is your sacred space and the uniqueness reflects your own path and journey. We are all different and it makes sense for us all to see things differently and have variations.

Although this is to reclaim your power, you can go back when you want as this is part of you. Here you can speak to your guardians, you may not see them but they can hear .

If you see your guardian as an Egyptian its OK, this is you connecting to powerful lives gone by.

This is all about you, your sacred space and your power.

Can you please let me know if you would like this approaches more detailed or even what you would like to do next.

May love, light and peace flow within us and around us.