Leo Blue Moon 1 August 2019

Leo Blue Moon 1 August 2019

The new Moon begins with Sun, Moon and Mars all in conjunction and trine Jupiter so we have the confidence to see things through.

Chart wheel for Leo Moon 1 August 2019

This Moon begins with so much creativity, a powerful Moon called a blue Moon, we can feel it is almost a yearning to better ourselves, by reaching and moving forward to reach our goals with confidence, such an opportunity to grow in wisdom if we put our will into this.

The other side to this that is playing in the background of our minds is to release the preconceived idea of grandiose feeling about ourselves, take a step back release these! “That we are one better than whoever” and step into the now with who you are and that’s it.  

This is the north node in Cancer. eIt’s not quite into play yet the energy is here and will be around for the next several months but the 15th Sep is the exact opposition, sometimes it helps to know to ready ourselves.

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