Cogs of Time

Over the years in seer work I've seen a big cog just turn one click.  This time that we are born is incredibly powerful.  We all have a part to play in this great war.  Be light and allow the new energies in.
Everything has its moment. Now we have nexus after nexus of huge energy flows. Its time for the human race to remember how wonderful and beautiful we are.

Talking with Val today about past lives and time.

That the eternal part of ourselves is free of time.  That you could see yourself and your lives as a flower.  Your soul is the centre and each petal a life. 

We live life in a linear timeline, that time functions as a prison. You can suffer the consequences of past life decisions and yet in the healing of a future self the circle closes. The negative of the past transforms and heals.

Time traps us, recently with this ecliptic year Val was saying that a cog would turn. Today when we were talking saw a massive cog turn.  When it turns it sets off this event where all these cogs move and turn as if it was a great reset and all cogs large and small turned.

Once time was a tool that we could use, where moments could last for eternity. It was not time that ruled us by the awareness and power of living in the now.

Since the fall time has trapped us, maybe now with this year and the huge revelations we will be free.