7 August 2019

7th August 2019

1st Quarter Scorpio Moon

Mercury went direct 2nd August

Jupiter Saturn Neptune Pluto retrograde.

Planetary aspects.  Moon square Sun-Venus sextile Saturn opposes Uranus trine, Neptune

Today is quite potent in terms of energy in that we feel very deeply.  This is powerful as we are feeling this from our center and gives us an advantage to cut through all the jargon.

However, the day isn’t going to go by without a hitch there is a surprise or two in the afternoon so go with the flow and see what happens, I am talking about Uranus here so it may make you feel overly sensitive in that you put your foot in it so we need to be careful.

This energy connects to home and work yet it’s possible that this the change will bring about something you have been waiting for almost a gift, but it could go the other way.  

So things are a little sharp today yet it has a purpose.

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