Seer – Gaia & Storm

18 July 2019 – horrible vibe in the air, feel like something very horrible is coming, how big and terrible I don’t know.  Trust your intuition, listen to it! Keep your eyes open and headphones off when walking.


Saw a storm coming in the shape of a massive black bird, as it was flying in could see tentacles coming down looking for negative energies for it to feed on.  Tentacles can only attach to negative (fear, anger, hate).

Then went into this cave and saw the life force (water) of the Earth (Gaia) trapped and surrounded by the darkness and negative energies that have been deliberately fed into the universal sub-conscious.  Saw that the water somehow the magic is trapped and difficult to access.

That we had to fight and be conduits of light, feet firmly planted, love flowing and connect to our cosmic roots.  With the numbers building so the trap/net comes off and the Goddess is free to inspire and nurture.

Often seen evil as huge mutated black bird or an octopus.  For me the darkness is upon us. Its an individual fight for light.  Shine brightly, we can do this and help turn the universal subconscious back to being full of inspiration and love and understanding.  Dream and believe.