Leo Sun Stars Reading 2019

Spiritual Astrological Reading Sun enters Leo 23 July 2019 by Val (Vassoulla) Georgiou

This month is monumental, in the light of last month, we all is being scrutinised.

Mars will do as he told as he has to consult with Jupiter. Mercury is at logger’s head with Pluto as is Mercury and Venus, Saturn opposes Venus, so there’s no let-up as the Moon begins her journey with Mercury Sun and Mars all in conjunction.  The easy transits are Moon trines the Sun and Jupiter Mars.

Mercury Jupiter Saturn Pluto Neptune are all retrograde

23rd July.  As we have all heard everything is coming out into the open, and there isn’t going to be any let up, from there on it’s going to be a type of domino effect that will affect us all in different aspects in life, I’m talking globally here.

Once that happens everything will be turned on its head, and we shall feel more freedom in the wake of what is happening.

On a personal level we all know the score, Saturn in the 7th house of relationships in this Sun chart, and with Venus opposing Saturn we may need to look at our relationships some may have passed its time. A good time to evaluate these, and see just what is it we need right now.   It’s an idea to support this and note what holds you back.

However and because of this we are making decisions that we feel confident with to realise what we want and need in our life, and today is the beginning of all of this.  So the feelings behind today is about getting where we need to go without the need to reach out “we can do it”.

So those energies that have been reeling about in our minds need to be aired, and I don’t feel there’s any way we can hold them back its about walking our talk, yet we need to be careful how this comes across, actions speak loader than words we can more forward without any kind of resistance just be careful, as we move into a new chapter.  

The 1st August and new Moon and links to Mars and nice easy transit to Jupiter meaning this is a time of expansion to spread your wings, with the emphases to see things through, so those hoping for a promotion or in business should expect for all to go well and also if there is any need for advice from professionals the time is ripe and relatively easy.  

Moving on to the 2nd August around 10am we find our best intentions are being shaken in terms of relating! So don’t push anything here as everything is up in the air, as we progress to the evening everything has changed again and is harmonious.  

And by the 7th August we have a lovely aspect with the Sun and Jupiter giving us all 3 days of confidence to get where we need to go so we feel free.

9th. August 08:24GMT This is a fleeting transit will only last for a couple of hours yet so much can be done in that time, it connects with Saturn where we have an opportunity to air our feelings. It’s not really easy and yet it’s certainly not challenging it’s more to do with saying what you have felt within our hearts so it’s being true to yourself.

12th August is the famous Saturn/Moon conjunction this energy has been effective each month and is helping us to remove all unwanted baggage from the past so it may well be we may feel a little quiet and need our own space.

Don’t forget we are reshaping our world – by January 2020 it will be complete.

By the 14th August the Sun links to Venus giving us a time to talk things through its cosy and effective should last for about 3 days

15th Aug  Full Moon  Leo/Aquarius Venus opposes the Moon and the culmination of the new moon, this Moon is the HUMANITARIAN that cares for all, freedom-loving while the Sun is totally focused on the self to keep one in balance and in harmony, this tends to make us feel maverick yet it’s very much linked to relationships, if  all is well then we may be thinking on reactivating something new here or it may be we feel we want to nurture to support but we need to be careful if this is what is called for.  

It’s a testing time for us all if something isn’t right then this could well be a turning point for us all.  However, we are in changing times for sure and with our new freedom creates chances and wisdom we didn’t even know we had this is the crowning of a new King and a new you.

23rd August The Sun enters Virgo and from then on its will be more to do with detail, and how all the details come together.

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